July 22, 2024


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Bean Bag Toss Games – The Fun is in the Toss

Bean Bag Toss Games – The Fun is in the Toss

Pitching washers had been a nice countrified entertainment in the olden days – the players would dig three holes in the ground and try aiming washers at those holes. The game was fun to play but had the associated challenge of non-portability. Today, the washer toss games have undergone loads of modifications. All the necessary equipment may be bought together and taken anywhere required. In the conventional washer games, people had to be very careful about damaging the holes and their positioning during aiming the washers. Today all that is needed is to buy the washer board and place it anywhere.

The washer board and washers are usually made in accordance with strict regulations but they are amenable to changes. Normally, washer boards are placed 15 feet apart and the players are given points in accordance with the accuracy with which they throw washers. The washer toss games usually involves 2 or 4 players and if the players are all good at tossing and aiming, the game can be good recreation. The nature of the hole in which the washer lands decides the points the player would get. The nearest hole wins 1 point, the second hole yields 3 and the farthest one is worth 5. One player gets 3 washers to toss in one round. When each round ends, the lower scores are subtracted from the higher ones and final scores ascertained for both teams.

The winning score is 21 and the game continues till either team reaches the goal. In some modifications of the game, though, 21 is the minimum score required. The various modifications of the washer toss games can be played on any surface. The game is good fun and loved by most of us – any gathering or event can be made more entertaining if washers game is included in it. The game may even be prepared at home by the enthusiasts.

A bean bag toss games is a good way to keep the children occupied while you keep the adults entertained with the washers game at the next party you are hosting. The children shall find this game of consuming interest. The bean bag toss game qualifies as an outdoor sport, but is not as exhausting as most other outdoor activities. The game may easily be built as a DIY project.

The rules of playing bean bag toss games is simple enough – two raised wooden or plastic platforms are placed 27 feet apart. 2 or 4 players are given 8 bean bags – two sets of 4 each with each set a different color for the opposing players or teams. The bean bags are made of cotton and filled with poly-beads such that they do not weigh more than a few ounces. The players or teams now start tossing the bean bags alternately until all the four bags for each has been exhausted. Now it is the turn of the scores to be calculated.

A bag that falls through the hole is worth 3 points while a bag that touches the board but does not reach the hole will be scored 2 points. The bag that does not touch the board at all earns no points. After each round is over, the lower score of one team is deducted from the higher score of the other team to yield the final score. The game continues till a score of 21 is reached and the team that does so first is the winner. The rules and associated paraphernalia of the washer and bean bag toss games may keep on getting modified, but the fun factor is constant.

If a party hosting is on the cards, then pre-plan a surprising round of washer toss games and entertain your guests.