June 15, 2024


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Advantages of Volleyball Shoes

Millions and Millions of dollars have gone into the research of Volleyball Shoes. You would assume then, that they offer some sort of advantage over other shoes? You would be very correct, too. A lot of people play Volleyball wearing normal cross trainers, Basketball shoes or even running shoes. This is fine if you are just learning, but if you have the money and the opportunity to get some Volleyball Shoes I would highly recommend it. The reasons are simple; these shoes are designed to help you play better, and for a number of reasons (which I will go into below).

For starters, the lighter the shoes are that you wear the less resistance you have when you jump in the air. If you pick up a pair of Volleyball Shoes you will be astounded at how light they are. They are also designed with the front of the shoe pointing upwards slightly. This encourages the player to stand on his or her toes. The ‘ready position’ in Volleyball is to be standing on your toes. Try to stand on your heels and then move quickly. It just doesn’t work. Now, try to move quickly when you are on your toes. You are able to move much faster.

Volleyball shoes have a sole that is made of a very soft compound. This provides the best grip possible on a shiny, wooden court! They are much better for grip than any other shoe for this type of surface, and that alone makes them worth buying. They are also designed with plenty of spring and cushion, so that you can jump easily and land without that brute shock force that would exist without wearing any shoes! Volleyball Shoes are not just a marketing technique, and if you pick a pair up you will know straight away that they work, and very well!