April 22, 2024


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What to Expect in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC


Monster Hunter Rise paved the way for many newcomers to try out the franchise for the first time with its faster-paced gameplay and more streamlined approach; the only problem was the amount of content. The game has a beefy roster of monsters, but you can burn through the hunts and quests quickly once you get with the flow. It’s been a year since Monster Hunter Rise was released for the Nintendo Switch, and with a recent port to the PC this January 2022, Capcom figured it was time to give the monster-packed title the update it deserves. The base version of MHR has 46 large monsters, including the Apex variants and ones added through DLC updates. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the game’s first expansion pack, is set to add a plethora of new (and returning) monsters to fight.

Release Date for Sunbreak

The Sunbreak DLC for Monster Hunter Rise will release on June 30, 2022, assuming that there’d be no sudden delays. You might be baffled at how and why Capcom took so long in putting the DLC out; well, Sunbreak is listed as a massive expansion; ergo, development has taken quite some time. This includes a whopping 13GB update for the base Monster Hunter Rise (that also becomes available on June 30).

Where is Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Set?

Sunbreak brings players to the Elgado Outpost, a research facility and a bustling port town home to many scientists from the Kingdom. The deeds of the Kamura Village hunter – that’s you, the player – have reached the knight Dame Fiorayne, and she’s come to seek your aid as her nation faces the threat of the Three Lords (more on that later).

A New hub world and new characters await you in Sunbreak. If we look at Kamura Village, we can see that it was inspired by Japanese culture, whereas the Kingdom and the Elgado Outpost have a distinct Medieval appearance. You’ll meet a cast of colorful characters such as Galleus, the Knights of the Royal Order commander. There’s also the quest giver Chichae and the blacksmith Minayle. Of course, let’s not forget about the merchant, Oboro. The clash of cultures between Kamura and the Kingdom creates an interesting juxtaposition. I’m curious to see how this will affect your role as the player once you explore the Citadel, a new world filled with biomes such as icy mountains, castle ruins, and lush forests. From what I’ve gathered in this March’s Monster Hunter Digital Event, the region is chock full of endemic life-like marionette spiders and morphed wirebugs.

New Wirebug Moves Incoming

The latest Digital Event showed off Sunbreak’s brand new wirebug abilities. In the DLC, you’ll have the ability to attach to enemies and then pull them towards you. The wirebug mechanic is one of the many aspects that made Monster Hunter Rise more accessible and fast-paced, so it’s terrific that Capcom will be spicing things up for the humble bug. The trailer also showed a gun mounted on a palamute (A gun-wielding doggo? Sign me up!). And if that wasn’t enough, you now have a new goal to reach after hitting HR 999 – the Master Rank. There’s not much news or information regarding the Master Rank yet, other than it’ll take a lot of grinding to reach it.

Getting to Know the Three Lords

As I said before, you’ll be helping Dame Fiorayne deal with the Three Lords, but just who or what are they exactly? Surprise, surprise, they’re (some of) the new monsters coming to Sunbreak! Capcom hasn’t spilled the beans on what other possible beasties would come to the expansion, but they did reveal who these “Three Lords” were.

  1. Malzeno

Let’s start with the big boy. Malzeno is the main flagship of the Sunbreak DLC for Monster Hunter Rise. The Elder Dragon makes up one of the “Three Lords” who serve as the primary targets in the expansion’s story, but judging by the fact that Malzeno will be in the cover art, it’s easy to predict that it’ll be the most challenging and fearsome of the three. Looking at the red energy that appears to glow from its red mane and wings, Malzeno could be a Dragon element monster and seems to derive inspiration from Dracula as it can drain a player’s energy.

  1. Lunagaron

The Lunagaron is what you’d get if a Nargacuga/Odogaron and a Tobi-Kadachi had a Monstie egg together. However, this Fanged Wyvern is unique because it prefers to stay in colder habitats. Considering that the Lunagaron has icy fur, you can expect the Ice element to pop up when using its material to craft gear. Fanged Wyverns typically yield potent weapons that have high sharpness – remember when the Nargacuga got crowned as the “meta” for a while? The Lunagaron may offer you a powerful Ice weapon when Sunbreak is out. As seen in the trailer, this wolf-life creature seems to grow empowered whenever the moon is at its fullest. The Lunagaron could easily wipe you off the floor if you’re not quick on your feet.

  1. Garangolm

It’s monkey time! If you were traumatized by the Rajang (Iceborn Furious and Apex Rajang, anyone?), perhaps the Garangolm could give the Fanged Beast some competition. Garangolm is a hulking beast that can easily stomp foes into the ground with its size. The gorilla-inspired monster can overwhelm players that dare cross its path by utilizing fire and water moves.


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