April 13, 2024


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We Guess What PlayStation Spartacus Will Really Be Called

Sony is expected to finally and formally announce the name and details of its Xbox Game Pass competitor subscription service this week. The new membership program, which has leaked extensively and is basically an open secret at this point, is apparently codenamed “Spartacus.” The offering is said to bundle together PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, with extra bonuses for those who sign up at the more expensive tiers. While we wait for Sony to officially announce it, we’re speculating on what the final name for the membership program will be, and you can see our guesses rounded up below. [Update: Spartacus has been officially unveiled as a new, three-tier setup for PlayStation Plus.]

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PlayStation Complete

What better way to ensure players know this bundle has everything they’ll need than with a name like PlayStation Complete? It doesn’t clash with any of the current PlayStation products, nor would it make people think it was some sort of enhanced version of another program rather than a bundle containing everything. It’s simple, it’s easy to remember, and it’s original enough that it wouldn’t seem like it was just trying to steal Xbox Game Pass’s thunder. “PlayStation Complete: All You Need To Play. — Gabe Gurwin

PlayStation Plus Plus

Spartacus is seemingly meant to be an expanded version of PlayStation’s existing subscription services, PlayStation Plus being the best known of those. So why not convey that this is a superior version by sleekly, elegantly slapping another Plus on there? PlayStation Plus Plus, or PS++, is something I predicted years ago, and when you can have a name that both suggests this is better than the PlayStation Plus you’re used to and evoke one of the best platformers ever (N++), why not go for it? — Chris Pereira

Sony could announce its rumored Spartacus membership this week
Sony could announce its rumored Spartacus membership this week

PlayStation Plush

PlayStation is known as a luxury brand with an eye toward elegance and richness, so I believe the service will be called PlayStation Plush. The PlayStation brand is synonymous with prestige and fanciness, and this could carry forward to the naming convention of its Game Pass competitor. Or perhaps I only thought of this name because Stone Temple Pilots’ iconic 1993 smash hit “Plush” came on my Spotify shuffle this morning. Who’s to say. – Eddie Makuch

PlayStation DualPass

Look, I know it’s an awkward name. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue like DualSense or DualShock. However, the name makes sense not only as a reference to PlayStation controllers new and old, but it’s also a literal name: if this service is going to combine PS Plus and PS Now as rumors suggest, then it’s literally a “dual pass.” This onion has layers, folks, and it makes for a solid name for this service. – Jason Fanelli

PlayStation Premium

From the inception of PlayStation, Sony has targeted the brand as the classy, upscale video game platform. While this was originally built to counter Nintendo’s kid-friendly image, it has maintained that style of branding to the present day. If it’s going to exchange its current PlayStation Plus subscription for a new higher-tier service, it could capitalize on this impression again by naming it like a luxury good. Enter PlayStation Premium, a new name that cues the audience in to expect an elite gaming experience–and a premium price. – Steve Watts