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Triangle Strategy voice actor and cast list

Triangle Strategy features fully voice acted cutscenes, so let’s dive into the cast list.

Triangle Strategy is an epic tale of three kingdoms, each with their own captivating characters. To further engross players in the narrative, the game’s cutscenes are fully voice acted. Because of that, players may be wondering if they’ve heard any of these voices anywhere. Shacknews is here to help with the voice actor and cast list for Triangle Strategy.

Triangle Strategy voice actor and cast list

Triangle Strategy voice actor and cast list

Here are the main English voice actors for Triangle Strategy, as well as the roles that they play.

Serenoa Wolffort – Taylor Clarke-Hill

Serenoa is the next in line to rule over House Wolffort. When war breaks out among the neighboring kingdoms, it is Serenoa who leads the way with his strength, courage, and convictions. He is voiced by Taylor Clarke-Hill in his first starring voice role. He has previously given his voice for supporting roles in games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Batman: Arkham Knight, and A Way Out.

Prince Roland of Glenbrook – Alan Lee

Roland is Serenoa’s best friend, who finds himself at the center of a violent uprising. With his kingdom at stake, Roland fights with courage alongside Serenoa and the rest of their friends. Alan Lee’s voice acting resume extends across a number of anime series, but it also includes games like Lost Ark, Aliens: Fireteam Elite, and Genshin Impact.

Frederica Aesfrost – Emma Ballantine

Princess Frederica Aesfrost is betrothed to Serenoa in an effort to unite the Aesfrost kingdom and House Wolffort, but the two soon find themselves pulled into the center of a contentious conflict. Emma Ballantine provides her voice, having previously worked on Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbrings and Cyberpunk 2077.

Benedict Pascal – Adam Harrington

Benedict is the trusted advisor of House Wolffort and Serenoa’s closest confidant. He is voiced by Adam Harrington, who has an extensive voice acting resume. Players may recognize him as Groot from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy. However, his most recognizable role may be as Fabletown Sheriff Bigby Wolf from Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us and its long-anticipated sequel.

There are many other voice actors featured in Triangle Strategy and it’s a list that we will endeavor to update soon, so be sure to watch this space in the days ahead.

That’s the cast and voice actor list for Triangle Strategy. Get familiar with them, because this game has a lot of talking in it. We’ll have more on this Nintendo/Square Enix RPG in the coming days, so be sure to watch our Triangle Strategy topic page for the latest updates.

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