April 13, 2024


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The Nintendo Switch Is On Track To Outsell The PlayStation 4

Back in February, the Nintendo Switch passed the 100 million sales barrier, overtaking the hugely successful Wii in the process. Well, only a few months later the Switch has amassed 107.65 million sales, and is well on the way to overtaking the PlayStation 4.

The latest financial results from Nintendo show that even with the parts shortage affecting gaming hardware sales, that the demand for the Switch is still massive. Considering that that the PlayStation 4 was released three years before the Switch, the fact that the Switch will overtake it is simply remarkable.

For reference, the PlayStation 4 has sold 117.2 million units thus far, so these new Switch sales figures show how quickly it is catching up.

That’s not all, as the new OLED version of the Switch has also managed to sell 5.8 million units worldwide. I picked up an OLED Switch last year to play Metroid Dread and it’s a really great piece of kit, so I am not surprised that it has sold so well and so quickly.

Talking of Metroid Dread, these new financial results from Nintendo state that the game sold 2.9 million units globally. This means it has also overtaken the original Metroid Prime, as that only sold 2.84 million copies. Either way, Metroid Dread has performed brilliantly, both critically and commercially and the team at Mercury Steam certainly deserves praise for that.

Anyway, the Switch is still selling brilliantly and is already the main gaming platform for this generation of consoles, which again shows that graphical potency is rarely the solution to market dominance in gaming.

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