July 20, 2024


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The Locked On Update: Guided Missiles and More news – Broke Protocol – Online City Life RPG


Guided Missile Support with new AT4 Launcher. Switchable Weapon Loadouts with new Missiles/Flares/MGs/Cannons/Bombs. New MiG-29, Biplanes. New weapons, Air combat AI, and much more..


The Locked On Update Release

The Locked On Update is ready for launch today. Not only does this update pack a bunch of new stuff for the base game and Default map, but it also expands on modding in tons of useful ways. Switchable vehicle weapons, sirens on any kind of transport, guided missile support and alert messages. There’s a lot to unpack so let’s take a look at the major features.

Guided Missiles and Launchers


Check out the local gunshop or armory to find a brand new can opener. The AT4 is the first launcher to support guided missiles but won’t be the last. Maintain sights over any ground or air vehicle to establish lock and then you’re ready to fire. Any Projectile class weapon can be configured to shoot guided missiles. Just set the TargetType of the thrown projectile to any ShEntity subclass like ShVehicle or ShAircraft to configure what types of objects to target and that’s it.

Locked On Warnings and Countermeasures


There’s also a new jet added to the military base. The Mig-29 is now flyable and provides an evenly matched adversary to the F-16. Both jets were also upgraded with Flare countermeasures against guided weapons. When you get the Missile Lock alert, switch to Flares and fire some off for a good chance of diverting oncoming rockets. Note that all hangars in the game now have Re-arm zones so pilots can restock all their armament for the next sortie.

New Biplanes and Air Combat AI


A couple new biplanes are available at the airport now and can be seen flying around the city. These WW1 relics aren’t just showroom models, but equipped with both Machine Guns and small bombs. Switch between them using the Alt-Fire key (B by default). AI are also good at deciding which weapon is best to use for air and ground targets, even utilizing Flares when necessary. Fire at any AI biplane to engage in a dogfight and see if you can win 1-on-1.

Switchable Vehicle Weapon Sets


Countermeasures and weapon handling changes means that all vehicles now have support for multiple weapon sets. Some existing assets were updated with secondary weapons like Machine Guns alongside Cannons. Unfortunately, this means that all old vehicles and weapons with projectile ShThrown items need to be reconfigured to meet the new standard. It’ll be worth it in the long run though since unlimited weapon sets are now supported. Next up is support for specific weapons and turrets from different seat positions.

Other Changes


There’s also been huge quality of Life improvements, fixes, and other under-the-hood updates to make things better moving forward. Some GameSource changes from older hotfixes are fully integrated like Reset Target option for jobs and Request Heal action from AI medics. Hit registration has also seen major improvements and mobile has new controls for firing.

Servers also have a new TimeLimit setting for auto-restarts and seamlessly reconnecting players. More API stuff like Alert Messages and many more modding parameters are available for vehicles. So I’m looking forward to what modders can come up with working with the new features.

Here’s the full v1.25 changelog:

v1.25 Locked On Update Changelog

  • Guided missile support for weapons/vehicles (set TargetType on ShThrown items)
  • Multiple weapon sets supported for vehicles (Alt-fire button for cycling them)
  • Added AT4, RocketGuided, BombUnguided, and BombSmall objects
  • Entities using new ‘Flare’ tag will act as countermeasures for guided weapons
  • AI support for using guided weapons and countermeasures
  • AI aiming improvements and optimizations
  • Fixed AI aim vector not normalized leading to strange flight maneuvers
  • Minor first-person camera clipping fixes
  • New SvShowAlert packet added to API (currently only used for missile lock messages)
  • Reduced Fighter scaling 25% and adjusted stats to match
  • FighterBig is now flyable at the Default military base and by AI
  • LightArmor and APCs cannons replace with MGs
  • Heavy Eastern/Western tanks can switch to MGs in addition to Cannons
  • SpecOps and Gun Merchant in Builder and Default Map now have AT4 and Guided Rockets
  • Any Wearable item can have a custom carrying capacity (visible in Tooltip)
  • Added missing Territory Sprite to BPResources
  • Fixed potential AI exception when following
  • World Builder: Optimized and fixed object selection/raycasting
  • World Builder: Fixed controls getting stuck after alt-tabbing
  • zGameSource.dll renamed to _GameSource.dll to load first (easier job modding)
  • ExecutionMode.Override events will replace previous override events
  • Added ExecutionMode.Final (Doesn’t allow any more overrides)
  • Fixed TriggerSphere collider set incorrectly (thanks FEFE)
  • Fixed AI/CanSee() being able to wallhack
  • Fixed some hit registration / physics off-by-1 frame bugs
  • New Azerbaijani language (Thanks SQLost)
  • Changed language codes for Portuguese and Czech to ISO-639
  • New svManager.Add/RemoveInventoryAction() for custom inventory item actions
  • Added StealItem GameSource event as an example Inventory Action
  • AI will now attack players who steal items from inventory
  • Unified Inventory messages into normal message list (appended to History too)
  • Custom Self actions moved to bottom of action menu to prevent misclicks
  • Fixed a witness Desync bug in GameSource (GetWitness no longer has side-effects)
  • Added ShEntity.CenterBounds/Mass properties for aiming/looking/buoyancy
  • Made all physics functions timestep independent
  • More StringBuilder optimizations
  • New SvShowTimer and SvShowAlert helper functions in SvPlayer
  • Mounting entity range check moved from SvMount to SvTryMount
  • AI will now attack for damaging or firing at their vehicle (if not busy)
  • Added overhead voice chat icons
  • Added timeLimit parameter to settings.json (24 hours by default)
  • Server will auto-restart after timeLimit is reached (new in settings.json)
  • Clients will auto-reconnect after server restarts
  • New /timeleft command
  • svEntity.thrower -> svEntity.instigator (Unreal Engine naming)
  • Physics updates -> Mods likely need values updated:
  • Aircraft mods should multiply old values by 25x : uprightStrength, stabilityStrength
  • Boat mods should mutltiply old values by 25x : engineFactor, turnFactor
  • Steerable class removed (Modders delete Steerable scripts in Unity project if updating)
  • HideInterior is now a per-seat property (Mods using this to hide player models need to update)
  • Boats now have a stabilityFactor moddable property that was hard-coded before
  • Fixed up collectedItem behavior (no longer pick up active grenades/flashes/smokes)
  • Fixed broken Emissive materials on mods
  • Fixed earrape when spectating, teleporting, or moving between interiors
  • Map Markers added/updated (note some icons were renamed or deleted: bank->bank_euro)
  • User interface cleanup and fixes
  • Button action menus are scrollable now
  • Replaced EmbedIO and Swan libraries with simple HTTPListener (fixes memory leak)
  • Updated CEF to latest release and fixed some resolution and cleanup bugs
  • Updated AI pathfinding libraries
  • Mobile: Added static fire button and made drag-looking possible while firing
  • Any Transport can use Siren On/Off actions now (as long as PoliceLightsObject is assigned)
  • Added Re-arm zones to all Hangars on Default map
  • Clients will more reliably reconnect on timeout
  • Time string formatter will now handle hours and days correctly
  • Reduced movement speed of Bazooka (and AT4)
  • Updated UnityEngine to latest release

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