May 23, 2024


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Soul Hackers 2 Gets New Character Trailer


Atlus recently released a new trailer for Soul Hackers 2, detailing one of its characters, Milady. Voiced by Ami Koshimizu, Milady is a former member of the Phantom Society who was killed by her own allies for unknown reasons. After eventually being resurrected, she then goes on a quest to find out why she was killed.

Soul Hackers 2’s official Japanese website via Gematsu provides more details on the character, as seen below:

An agent of the Phantom Society, another of the Devil Summoner factions. She’s killed by her own allies for reasons unknown. She is resurrected by Ringo’s soul hacking, and decides to work with her to find out why she was killed. Calm and collected, she operates with logical thinking and efficiency, sometimes leading her to make decisions that others may deem heartless. It seems this may have something to do with her past.

——Milady’s COMP: Stigma

Milady attacks using a sai-style COMP. It has a high aptitude for fire skills, and its firepower is a cut above the rest. With high intelligence, as she grows she will learn skills to simultaneously attack and recover MP.

Organization: Phantom Society

Height: 175cm

Hobby: Collecting spices

Favorite Food: Wonton noodles

Favorite Place: Izakaya in Karakucho

Current Obsession: Late-night movies in Karakucho

Recently Laughed At: Arrow’s idealistic thinking

Concerned About: Arrow’s way of life

Birthday: July 24

Soul Hackers 2 is slated to release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on August 25 in Japan and August 26 worldwide.


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