May 19, 2024


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Sony Wants To Bring First-Party PlayStation Games To Mobile

Sony wants to bring some of its first-party PlayStation games to mobile devices and expand on its live-service offerings, Android Central reports. While Sony has done mobile games under the PlayStation brand before, there were very few releases and almost none of them were part of the first-party franchises. Documentation from Sony’s investor portal reveals that Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to branch out more into the mobile space.

This decision is likely a move that Sony decided to make as mobile continues to be a growing platform in the gaming industry. There’s lots of potential for growth on Sony’s part. If the success of Activision Blizzard is anything to go by. Hit titles like Call Of Duty: Mobile continue to delight fans of the franchise. While upcoming games like Diablo Immortal and Warcraft Arclight Rumble have the potential to be just as popular.

Sony’s plans for the next few years include PlayStation games on mobile

In recent corporate investor meetings Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan discusses the company strategy for the next few years. Ryan states that regarding SIE, “we want to leverage our IP in mobile spaces over the long term, and we intend to steadily deliver on that.”

This doesn’t give any concrete details about what IP Sony intends for mobile first. Or when exactly. But chances are Sony already has a good idea of where it wants to start. Ryan previously noted that SIE was interested in bringing its games to the mobile space. Stating back in May of 2021 that the mobile space was being explored with some “wonderful PlayStation franchises.”

SIE also plans to expand more into the live services space with its acquisition of Bungie. Android Central notes that Bungie will lend its “expertise” to PlayStation Studios. Helping to build the SIE Live Services Center of Excellence.

All of this points to exciting times ahead for PlayStation fans. Sony has been well known for its AAA exclusives for a while. And with the growing popularity of the mobile space, mobile gamers will finally get a piece of that. As for live services, these kinds of games foster long-time, continued engagement. It isn’t surprising that Sony wants to expand into this territory.