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Sold-Out Brian NFT Collection by Braindom Games Presents Utility IRL

London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – April 6, 2022) – One of the most downloaded and top mobile games in the word games category on the App Store and Play Store, Braindom introduced its own NFT collection. With the launch of the 5,000 unique Brian NFT collection, the game enters the NFT space!

Figure 1- Brian NFT collection

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Braindom leads the NFT market by having the game before the NFT collection. Unlike other projects, the concept of the NFT collection is based on Brian, who is the main game character of Braindom Games. Just after being sold out, the collection began to bring up the promised utilities to the holders.

The professional team of 200+ developers and 50+ graphic designers is proof of the quality work. The sneak peeks of the 3D Brian NFT collection have attracted many NFT enthusiasts to the project. 130K+ followers on Twitter and 230K+ members on Discord demonstrate the popularity of the NFT collection.

Utility Roadmap of the Brian NFT Collection

The 3D Brian NFT brings the benefits and utilities promised in the roadmap. It was time for executing what is written in the utility plan.

Logically the first utility of the gaming NFT collection must be the game. The team has publicly shared the first trailer of the game before the mint date. In the video, many details have been revealed such as gameplay, in-game characters, etc. It is worth mentioning that till the NFT collection the gaming company had amazing records in the gaming space. The main achievements are being the #1 top free app, #1 in Word Games category on the App Store and Google Play, #1 in Trivia Games category in the App Store, and #1 in the Puzzle Games category in the App Store. Alongside being the first in many categories, the game has reached 150+ Million downloads in total in the App Store and Play Store.

As it is stated in the roadmap, the holders of the Brian NFT collection are able to participate in the WL and NFT drops. The needs and requirements of the holders are taken into consideration for future WL and NFT drops. After a week of being sold out, more than 700 WL spots of demanded NFT projects have been distributed to the holders.

The Collab Box as a part of the utility roadmap was out even before the sale. The first WL spot drop got more than 10K participation from the community. The main difference of Collab Box is that anyone on the Discord server can participate in those WL and NFT drops. Braindom supporters also receive the utility just by being on the server.

Besides the mentioned utilities in the roadmap, the Braindom team does over-perform and delivers extra benefits to the holders and the whole community. The partnerships with Project Whitelist and NFTNerds are some of the additional advantages. These tools are well-known in the NFT community. It is expected that additional tools will be added even more over time.

Upcoming Zombie NFT collection in partnership with Binance NFT Launchpad

Brian NFT holders will be able to participate in the sale of the upcoming NFT collections. The next collection, the Zombie NFT collection by Braindom Games, will be on decentralized – OpenSea and also centralized platforms – Binance NFT Launchpad. Some part of the collection will be available to mint by the holders of 2 Brian NFTs and raffle winners among 1 Brian NFT holders. The rest of the collection will be sold on the NFT branch of the Binance crypto exchange. To be eligible for the sale, participants need to go through the ticket-based system on the website of Binance NFT Launchpad. The mint date of the collection is expected to be in early April. Eligible holders of Brian NFT have the privilege to directly mint from the website.

Brian NFT collection and Zombie NFT collection holders will have privileges in the P2E Braindom Survivors game. Alpha version of the game is expected to launch soon and it will be tested by holders first.

History and Success of the Braindom Game Series

The first series of the game was called “Braindom: Tricky Brain Teasers, Test, Riddle Games” in the Play Store and “Braindom: Brain Games Test Out” in the App Store. The game quickly became successful and hit the charts in the App Store and Play Store. The advantageous part is that the game is free to play. Anyone can download it in seconds and challenge themselves. The game requires you to use your logic in a creative manner. Each step of the game is meticulously designed for the players, and it enables you to discover new ways of smart thinking.

The second series of the game is called “Braindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles” in the Play Store and “Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games” in the App Store. Here Braindom mixes fun mind games with critical thinking. In the first version of the game, people solve different puzzles, and riddles, and think in a creative way. Recently 3rd version of the game has been released. It is called Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games and got attention from the games as well.

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