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Powerbang Gaming Complete Wiki – PUBG ID, Net Worth (2022)


The gaming industry has evolved leaps and bounds in the recent past. According to the statistics, nearly 66% of the American population are Gamers and want to pursue Gaming as their career. Any established industry will have stars or influences that are followed and admired by others. One search popular gaming star is Powerbang Gaming who became popular by playing the PUBG Mobile game.

With a gigantic following on Instagram, Powerbang Gaming is one of the most influential social giving stars. Newbies and Gamers who are wanting to build a career in the game, look upon him as one of their ideals. With the huge popularity comes a huge responsibility. Friends or open interest in the personal life of the gamer. Has Powerbang gaming involved any controversies? What is the real name of Powerbang gaming, his net worth, setup, personal life, and many more?

We are here with this article to inform you about the Powerbang gaming Wiki. Here is everything one may need to know about the star. We have the details of the gamer’s net worth, family, background, girlfriend, wiki, and many more. Stay tuned and get to know your favorite star closely.

Powerbang Gaming Wiki - Name, PUBG ID, Networth
Powerbang Gaming Wiki – Name, PUBG ID, Networth

PowerBang Gaming Wiki Details – Name, Age, Networth List

Here are some personal details including Name, Past Profession, Location, PUBG ID, Education, etc of Powerbang Gaming aka Lance Frisbee.

Real Name Richland’s Lance Frisbee
Stage Name Powerbang Gaming
Gender  Male
Profession Gamer, Social Media Influencer
Age 36
Birthplace USA
State Washington
Instagram following 95000+
PUBG ID 514484346
Wife Courtney Frisbee
Education Columbia Basin College, University of the Pacific
Powerbang Gaming Personal Details

Powerbang Gaming Social Media Details –

Here is a list of all Powerbang Gaming social media accounts links. These are 100% official handles of Powerbang Gaming aka Lancer Frisbee.

Powerbang Gaming Social Media Links

Apart from the details, let’s see some of his history about how he thought to pursue Gaming as his career and past achievements.

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PowerBang Gaming Career – Frisbee History

The career path of Lance Frisbee is tough to describe. He is best known for developing a 2 million+ community of followers on his social media. In addition, he is a gaming celebrity, social media influencer, and YouTuber. Powerbang gaming is a 36-year-old broadcaster who creates content mainly around gaming. He started his YouTube career with Clash of Clans but is now famous for his PUBG gaming content. Frisbee has over 1.5 million permanent subscribers on his YouTube channel.

With the stage name of Powerbang gaming, he hosts the recorded content from his home studio for gaming tutorials, tips, and tricks for anyone who wishes to learn from him. The content is posted daily and helps a lot of newbie Gamers develop their skill sets.

Who is Powerbang Gaming - Lancer Frisbee
Who is Powerbang Gaming – Lancer Frisbee

However, this does not end here. Though the net worth of the Powerbang gaming brand is more than $ 1 million, he continues to diversify his brand to expand. He wants to continue growing in the esports industry and help digital marketers and content creation in the industry.

He also hosts events worldwide and gives celebrity appearances in top Industries like Razer, Tencent, and Facebook. In addition, his skill sets range from graphic design, public speaking consultant, Angel investment, executive level management, computer programming, and so on.

Frisbee’s vision is to assemble the marketing professionals in the gaming industry to collaborate with the most successful brands to revolution arise with the media which is experienced. He has recently inaugurated a media group office by the name Aftershock Media group with a team of qualified professionals that set its root to grow the gaming community through social media.

How Did Powerbang Gaming (Frisbee) Start His Gaming?

In the 1980s when the Atari console was at the peak of its popularity Frisbee’s interest in gaming began.  “I’ve always been really good. The games I play are very strategic and I’m somebody who can see top-down, like what’s going on on a battlefield.

I have an innate ability to position my teammates and communicate that with them,” he said. This helped determine what to focus on. “I didn’t do well at one-versus-one, who could operate their thumbs the fastest, so I typically stayed away from those types of games,” he said.

However when reality hit him and he got to know that gaming cannot be socially accepted as more than a hobby he went into athletics. He played in the basketball team of the University of Pacific until he succumbed to an injury.

With a degree in Computer Science Frisbee got a 9 to 5 gig. He worked as a computer scientist at the Pacific Northwest National laboratory. However, he didn’t feel it right he couldn’t settle down with that job. He always knew something different in him as compared to others. Hence his passion followed public speaking and entrepreneurship.

He worked as a graphic designer for the US department of energy’s office. It was then that he saw YouTube as an emerging platform. Powerbang gaming realizes it to be the right time to follow his passion again. He threw away the dust of just hobby from gaming and created his channel for YouTube.

The Star was Born with enormous love and the popularity of the Powerbang gaming wiki grew. How was the brand name was not yet decided? In the year 2015, he decided to name his channel ‘Powerbang Gaming’.

Balance English job family and the channel Frisbee had to go through a lot of Sleepless Nights. However, his hard work paid off and today he has more than 2 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Is everyday views are a total of 380000 and the monthly views total around 10 million each.

Creating content changed his life and today Frisbee is a man who followed his dreams. An ideal to many Frisbee is committed to expanding his work and giving back to the gaming industry.

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Powerbang Gaming Most Expensive Crate Opening –

Powerbang Gaming has invested tons of money in PUBG mobile to get premium outfits, weapons skins, etc. In his latest video, he spent more than 80,000 UC on crate openings. You can check it out in the below video –

Powerbang Gaming Crate Opening – Most Expensive

Powerbang Gaming PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Details –

Frisbee has always made it a point to help the growing gamers. He shares all his tips, tricks, and tutorials on his Youtube channel, Powerbang wiki has followed the process and found the video where he shares everything about his sensitivity.

Powerbang Gaming PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Guide

Powerbang Gaming Wiki – Related FAQ:

Here are some FAQ related to the Powerbang Gaming wiki that most people asks on the Internet. Hope you will find it useful and if you think there is any information missed out then do mention it in the comment section. We will verify and add it up if it’s genuine.

Is Powerbang Gaming Married?

Yes, Powerbang Gaming or Lance Frisbee is a 36-year-old married man. The name of his wife is Courtney Frisbee. Lance and Courtney have three kids together.

What is The Age of Powerbang Gaming?

As of 2022, Powerbang Gaming is 36 years old of age. He is one of the most popular social media influencers in the country. He has over 2 million followers on social media. He graduated from the Columbia Basin college in the year 2015 and started his career then as a computer scientist.

What is The Powerbang Gaming Linkedin ID?

Powerbang Gaming has a presence on Linkedin with its professional career listed? To visit Powerbang Gaming LinkedIn ID, Frisbee is the CEO of the Aftershock Media Group at present. Previously he has worked as the CEO of PB productions.

What is The Networth of Powerbank Gaming?

Frisbee’s net worth is not easy to calculate as he has various sources of income. He not only runs the Youtube channel but also has his team, brand, media group, event presence, public speaking, etc. However, the net worth of the brand Powerbang Gaming is estimated to be 1 billion+.

Final Words

Frisbee is a star that every emerging gamer should learn from. Powerbang gaming wiki was our initiative to bring you closer to the star a little more.

With a massive following and dynamic social presence, Powerbang Gaming will be achieving much more in the future. The father of three is an inspiration as he plays a cool balance between the family and professional life. Stay tuned to watch the star grow.


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