April 25, 2024


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PlayStation Plus Subscription Stacking Reportedly Disabled

PlayStation is officially set to merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a new, tiered version of PlayStation Plus starting in early June for North America. Part of that process will include transferring existing subscriptions over to the tiered service, so folks have been stacking up to try and get the most bang for their buck. Unfortunately, it would appear that stacking PlayStation Plus subscription time like this has been at least temporarily disabled.

While subscribers to the current PlayStation Plus will be converted to the base-level tier of PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation itself states that anyone subscribed to both PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus will be converted to the PlayStation Plus Premium tier — with a single payment date based on the subscription that is set to end last — with the stacked prepaid time rolled over. As such, stacking PlayStation Plus and having, say, a small current subscription to PlayStation Now would be a significant difference in overall payment as PlayStation Plus Premium runs $119.99 yearly or $17.99 monthly.

Trying to digitally purchase additional PlayStation Plus time if you have an active subscription has historically been possible, but on both browsers and consoles, an error is now seemingly thrown up that states: “Can’t Purchase. Can’t add to cart. You’ve already purchased this item.”

Reports of the same issues have been prevalent across social media and the ResetEra forum. According to Push Square, one user received the following from PlayStation Support when asking about the issue: “I have checked the voucher and your account and can conclude that as of now there is a temporarily deactivated function for PlayStation Plus/Now subscriptions which does not allow for stacking of either membership on already active memberships.”

PlayStation has seemingly yet to publicly, officially comment on the matter. ComicBook.com has reached out to PlayStation for more information on the matter.

As noted above, the new tiered version of PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium is set to begin rolling out globally starting in June with North America specifically set to have the new tiered service on June 13th. It is unclear whether the “temporarily disabled” PlayStation Plus stacking will be resolved prior to that. You can check out all of our previous coverage of PlayStation in general right here.

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