June 15, 2024


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PlayStation DualSense Controllers Can Now Be Updated Without Using a PS5

PlayStation’s DualSense controller was naturally designed with the PlayStation 5 in mind to compliment not only its aesthetic but also to use features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers with the console’s games, but you don’t need the console itself to use the controller. It works just fine on the PC via platforms like Steam where it’s gotten updates consistently since release, and now, it’s even easier to use on those non-PlayStation platforms since you no longer need a PlayStation 5 console to update its firmware thanks to a new application.

Sony announced the release of the “Firmware updater for DualSense wireless controller” app this week on socials with a page set up on the PlayStation site for those who want to update the DualSense controller without hooking it up to a PlayStation 5. In order to do so, you need only to download the app mentioned above and save it somewhere on your PC before running its installation and then the app itself just like you would any other program.

Once the app itself has been set up, you’ll need a USB cable to connect the DualSense controller to your PC. Some on-screen instructions should guide you through the rest of the hands-off process while your DualSense controller gets update to ensure its features remain intact while you use it with PC, mobile games, or whatever else you might be doing with it.

One downside to this method if you have to then continuously check the updater app to see if a new firmware update has been released for the DualSense controller. The PlayStation 5, by comparison, will naturally notify you whenever one’s available as soon as you hook your controller up to the console, but you’ll have to open the app itself to check for updates if you’re keeping this controller primarily for PC use. For that reason, it’s best to keep an eye out on for news of the controller updates from PlayStation socials or elsewhere so that you know when it’s time to download a new update.

Sony’s new DualSense app can be downloaded here if you think  you ever need it for your controller.