July 22, 2024


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Office Olympian Challenge in BitLife Guide


The new weekly challenge is live right now in BitLife. The big goal with this challenge is to be smart and get ahead of the competition. This new challenge for the next few days will award a unique cosmetic when you finish it off.  But you won’t be doing sports this week, oh no. The new challenge is very corporate, in the sense that you will be putting a lot of work into a soul-crushing office job.  Take good care of yourself and you can complete the Office Olympian Challenge in BitLife. Here are some helpful steps to speed things up. Here’s how to complete this process.

How to complete the Office Olympian Challenge in BitLife

The Office Olympian challenge has five tasks you will need to complete:

  • Work a corporate job in Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • Prank a single co-worker 5+ times
  • Get a promotion while working less than expected
  • Get a co-worker fired
  • Marry a co-worker

This challenge is a bit complicated, thanks to the very specific steps you need to do. To start. you need to be born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, that’s the easy way to setup the challenge. Start by choosing United States and Scranton as your birthplace. Now, you will need to get a degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Systems. That will take some time, so just keep your Smarts up and go through university as fast as you can. This will help you get a corporate job, making it much easier to get that part done.

Once you have your degree, use the Occupation tab to apply for jobs until you get the corporate drone job you want. Now, you’re finally ready to start sewing chaos and pranks. Open up the Job tab, then press the co-worker you want to prank. There will be an option to Prank them near the bottom of the various options. Click that to get this part done. Do this five times and move on. Now you’re ready to work for that promotion.

The hardest part of the challenge is the RNG-dependent promotion. To do this, you will need to get a promotion without using the “Work Harder” option in your jobs section. The best way to do this is to maintain good relationships with your bosses, just try to be friendly and talk to them. You may also get them gifts from time to time as well. Once they become friends listed in your Relationship menu, be sure to spend time with them to keep them happy. Eventually, you will get promoted. Just be sure to never use that work harder option or it won’t count.

At the same time you’re doing this, you can try and find a co-worker worth romancing. Just keep them friendly and buy them gifts. Once they show up in your Relationship menu, try asking them out on dates and other activities. Once you’ve spent enough time with them, the romantic relationship should begin. Once they spend enough time with you, try using the Propose option in their selection on the Relationships menu. You can also accept offers to marry them and it will count.

Getting a coworker fired is actually kind of tough if you don’t know how to do it. You need to go back into the Occupation menu, then select your coworkers again. Choose someone that you have a  low Relationship with, and choose the Report to HR option for them. This may have to be done a few times, but it should eventually result in them getting fired. An alternative strategy is to report another employee to HR if they start a rumor about you.

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