April 22, 2024


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Non-VR Update, Tanks, Spaceships and Much More news – Realms VR


Here is a Massive update for version

The game has had a massive overhaul with a new player system, Animations, Sounds and Effects.

Here is a Massive update for version

The game has had a massive overhaul with a new player system, Animations, Sounds and Effects.

First lets start with the fixes.


  • Lighting on some of the levels.
  • AI going though the islands on Spainish invasion.
  • Extras cannons no longer fire if you dont have them.
  • Laser grid start time.
  • Player scores are stored for a short time if you lose connection or quit.
  • No more flying everywhere when you get hit due to a new hit system.
  • Added a glowing orb above player ships in Space invasion (Wave mode)
  • Much more I’d be here all day listing them.

Gardor – The great Icewall has been redesigned.


Ok now for the good stuff.

You can now play with Non-VR players, they do have limits. ie – Can only carry 1 weapon, also cant throw the swords or shields. Climbing can be difficult (but all part of the fun).

Every Gamemode is playable in Non-VR using either a controller or keyboard and mouse. (No keybinding yet but will be added in the future.)

Non-VR player hud.


New player models have been added to make customizing your character easier. (Will more than likely be changed again, as those are assets from the store and everyone seems to use them.)


Player Animations well makes sense now that you have legs and arms. (Still need’s work in places.)

New player hands (just 100X better than the old ones.) (No gestures other than pointing but more will be added.)


Lobbies and Main Screen has been redesigned.


Done a whole redesign of the main menu which has the character shop, level shop and customizing the player. Yes you can customise your character in the lobbies aswell.


Added a quick join button so you can get straight to the action. Or if no games are found will create a Quick match lobby where voting is key.

Added a Mini-game to the lobbies while you wait for other players or beat the Hosts score. Even a piano so the VR players can play you some songs while you wait.


Challenges have been added to the main menu with challenges that last a day, a week or a month. All with Rewards once completed. (More will be added. ideas?)


Tanks – Fight in armoured combat on the new large scale map Farmland. Found in battleships gamemode.

Indie imge3

Spaceships – Fly around the new map Asteroids while trying to destroy the other players. Also found in battleships gamemode. (Very fast movment).


Rumble / Rumble Squads – Players now drop items on death. (Health / Ammo refill etc) (maybe even weapons??)

New Map – WarZone

Waves – Few tweaks some nice surprise’s for you to discover.


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