July 23, 2024


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Nitro League Racing Game to Launch Tomorrow, April 2nd


Nitro League is all set to open Garage for its game. Nitro League is a decentralized new-gen racing game set in the metaverse where players will be able to explore the game’s garage, showcase their cars, upgrade the parts, and much more.

Nitro League will launch the game on April 2, 2022 ( UTC 1 PM). Along with the launch, they’ll stream a special event on Twitch. All the strategic partners and development teams members will be there at the special event. 

Nitro League

Set to be launched on April 2nd, Nitro League is a play-to-earn next-gen racing hub for the metaverse. Nitro League is a play-to-earn metaverse racing game that features realistic mechanics and cutting-edge graphics. 

The Garage

The main feature to look forward to is the brand new Garage where the players will be able to upgrade their car parts to increase their performance. (They’ll do that by loading up their card in the Car Pod)

The Garage also holds the capacity to show up to 6 cars in the parking area. 

In the future, the plan is to add new functionalities to the Garage. These new features will enable you to add new, upgraded parts to your cars. Adding new parts to the cars will boost your chances of winning the races by increasing the speed, acceleration, etc. 

To put the cherry on top, they are planning to expand the social network of the Nitroverse.  As the social component for the Nitroverse is being developed, they look forward to opening new ways for the players to make clans, start leagues, and participate in competitions within the Nitroverse.

The Garage will bring the Notriverse one step closer to reality. 

Other Features

Apart from the Garage, they plan to add the following features in the game to make the gameplay immersive. 

  1. Access to Loot boxes
  2. Login Rewards 
  3. A Leaderboard for when there’s a live race going on
  4. First-Person mode where the players can view the objects, take pictures and share them by walking around in First-person perspective FPP
  5. Robot Avatar that also features V-Flect Robots from Terra Virtua
  6. An Inventory Screen to observe all the owned assets in the game
  7. A Screen where news & events will be shown (You also have the option to advertise your stuff in the app)
  8. Objects in the Garage such as Worktable, Furniture, Robot Pad, and the screen are upgradable in the game. 

With all these brand-new features, the players can enhance and tweak their gameplay mechanics that’ll allow the players to enjoy this all-new look of the game. Not only that, but the players will also be able to access the Terra Virtua Assets that they acquired from the marketplace. 

The Launch Event

Featuring a talk by CEO Nitro League Zaynab Tucker, the Nitro League Launch event will take place on Twitch on April 2, 2022 (1 PM UTC).  

The event will be hosted by YGG SEA, Polygon, Terra Virtua & the Nitro League Development team. ESports influencer Kaisaya will also be present at the event. 


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