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Meet the Team… news – Flooded



Ahead of you set off, you must assemble a team… And its most significant part will constantly be the commander, who is in charge of coordinating the team’s actions, uniting the group and deciding on the most essential points.

In Flooded, in advance of every single recreation, you will be equipped to opt for a commander to handle your attempts to survive a historical flood. Nevertheless, they will not be the same – every of them delivers specific perks and distinctive approaches to achieve your targets. Nowadays I will introduce you to some of them!

Myles (Specialization: Technique)


Bonus: Adjacent structures of the same type get the job done a lot more competently.

The initially character is a slender guy with darkish hair combed in an outdated-fashioned way. He is great at creating many procedures and his most important energy is paperwork. He makes up for his actual physical shortcomings with his cleverness and analytical technique to each problem.

Ellen (Specialization: Development)


Bonus: Buildings can be relocated.

A hardworking female with a ponytail constantly hidden under a helmet. You need to know she is the only one particular who has never labored in a mine. On the other hand, Ellen is not afraid to get her fingers soiled, and her knowledge in other industries is a big edge in a purely natural disaster.

Henry (Specialization: Protection)


Bonus: The default durability of buildings is amplified.

This dude is the reverse of Myles – a characterful and well-constructed blonde who thinks in muscle energy. While, it ought to be pointed out, he never ever uses it to hurt a further man or woman. Henry is gentle-mannered by nature, but really charismatic. He can simply direct a team of miners and motivate them to do the job more durable!

Thomas (Specialization: Technologies)


Bonus: Properties have an more level of progress.

The youngest of the group of possible commanders and likely the most distracted. On the other hand, it is a textbook graphic of a genuine genius. His quick-lived enthusiasm does not allow for him to end the duties he has now started off, but his spectacular knowledge can aid you escape the island… The preference is yours!

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