April 13, 2024


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Indie Retro News: Ball and Chain


Even additional C64 games to get as a result of right now, as thanks to Saberman speaking to us this afternoon, we have been instructed a new game identified as ‘Ball and Chain’ has been released by drmortalwombat for the Commodore 64 a pretty unusual game in which enjoying as an innocent bouncy ball chained to an even heavier iron ball, you have to come across a way to escape the gloomy dungeons of the spiked empire! To coincide with this information, Saberman has also accomplished a gameplay video which can be seen underneath.

Online video Website link for Cell Users

Right here is what the web-site suggests about Ball and Chain with music by Crisps: ““Ball and Chain” is an endless runner recreation, it has no successful stop – it just will get tougher and more quickly until eventually you just cannot preserve up any more or your luck runs and you fall the ball.  The game retains scrolling irrespective of your initiatives, but you can steer clear of the obstacles”.

“You handle the helium loaded orange rubber ball which is chained to the iron ball.  The iron ball does restrict your movement, but it can also be applied as a weapon to damage enemies on your way.  Your are living as a cost-free floating bladder finishes, when you collide with an enemy or are squished amongst a wall and the still left display border.  Urgent the joystick button shortens the chain and gives tighter management over the iron ball, releasing the button all over again pushes the iron ball into the reverse way”.

“Your score keeps incrementing as extended as you are in the recreation. You can obtain coins on the way for even more details.  Stars make improvements to the time foundation scoring factor but also boost the mass of the iron ball, hence expanding its inertia and excess weight until finally you are unable to spin it or even carry it from the ground. Destroying an enemy releases a powerup bubble, with just one of four colour coded perks”:

  • Yellow : Coin magnet
  • Gray : Iron skin, shields the rubber ball for a short time
  • Blue : Improvements the iron ball into a balloon with no weight or inertia
  • Environmentally friendly : Slows the scrolling down


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