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Highlights from OffKai Expo 2022


Everything You Missed at the Bay Area’s First VTuber Convention

VTubers have been growing in popularity in recent years and are having a major impact on pop culture. With its rise has followed a vibrant community that also seeks to connect their favorite stars with the fans. Thus, it makes sense for the community to gather for an insightful weekend. OffKai Expo 2022 has made its debut as the first VTuber convention in the Bay Area.

8Bit/Digi was present during the weekend to enjoy the festivities, hang out with the community and gain some insight from professional VTubers. From insightful panels to talented artists and more, these are the highlights from OffKai Expo 2022.

The Dealer’s Hall

OffKai Expo 2022 had a number of artists and vendors set up in the Dealer’s Hall. From artwork to collectible merchandise are among the many gems in this treasure trove. Even if you had no shopping agenda, it’s still fun to look through all the cool stuff and meet the many artists.

Shirayuri Production is an independent VTuber agency that promotes and distributes the works of their content creators. They are based in California while their list of talents are based around the US, Canada, and other parts of the world. 

Alienkitty Designs is a digital artist that sells buttons, stickers, charms, and prints. They creates artwork that is an original work (such as their mascot) or based on established works. Alienkitty Designs is based in Tucson AZ and they can be seen at a variety of conventions. 

Anime Palace is a toy store that specializes in the sale of anime figurines, plushies, and other collectibles. They have a store in Santa Clara, CA and another in Lewis Center, OH (open by appointment) while they can be seen at numerous anime conventions. 


Conventions are not just about meeting new friends or buying amazing artworks and collectible memorabilia. It’s also a chance to gain some insight. OffKai Expo 2022 organized a series of panels that discussed a variety of topics hosted by the guests. 

Game Design On Paper And Screen was an inside look into game design by Leaflit and Di. The panel looked into the root of modern game design while touching on several topics. Among the topics discussed were their design fundamentals and the need to find a balance between so many different elements. 

The Art of Shitposting Want to up your social media game? was hosted by Luto Araka and her apprentice, Iku Hoshifuri. As the title suggests, it was all about being a professional shitposter.  

(Not) Suffering for Art was presented by Rachie and it was a reflection on the struggles of being a content creator. This includes the challenges of creating content and growing an audience. Fans also got the chance to ask their questions about building a brand and a fanbase. 

VSinger? Producing covers and music from start to finish! presented an inside look at how to grow as a VSinger. Presented by Kaneko Lumi, this presentation showcased the software needed to create your own music and the tools needed to improve upon your work. 

Itasha Display

Located outside the convention hall, the Itasha Display was a chance for motorists to showcase their work. Several itasha’s were on display, allowing guests the chance for a photo ops.

Game Room

The Game Room was set up for anyone who wanted to put their skills to the test. Gamers and a variety of choices from the console setups to the many arcade machines on site. Players could enjoy imported arcade titles like Giga Wing, Midnight Maximum Tune 6Sound Voltex, and the original Dance Dance Revolution.

Several fighting game tournaments were also hosted during the weekend. Those who wanted to showcase their skills could sign up. The event featured staples like Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, Tekken 7, and Guilty Gear Strive

Cosplaying at OffKai

While not a major aspect of the weekend, there were a number of cosplayers present during the weekend. Many have worked for months to either create the best or most off-beat cosplay for such an event. Those who are dedicated will work to bring their favorite character to life while others work to create an original work.

Final Thoughts

For a convention that organized its first event, kudos need to be given to how well planned and organized everything was. OffKai team did a stellar job at putting together the Bay Area’s first VTuber convention with little to no issues (from a guest perspective). Hopefully, they take this experience and build upon it for the next event.

Did you get a chance to check out OffKai Expo 2022 during the weekend? If so then share your story in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: OffKai Expo provided me a pass for the weekend.

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