June 15, 2024


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Fireteam Elite Season 4 stars with cross-play support and Prestige ranks


The first year of content for Aliens: Fireteam Elite is coming to an end. Developer Cold Iron Studios has decided that it plans to go out with a bang — one so loud, all your buddies can hear it. Season 4 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite brings cross-play between Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms, as well as new Prestige ranks for the veterans today.

Cross-play is a feature that thrives on games like Aliens: Fireteam Elite. The co-op PvE nature is forever attractive to friends who want to want to have a good time slaying bugs or even zombies. Fireteam Elite is getting the feature with Season 4, which starts today. To play the game with players on other platforms, the steps seem simple. In the in-game menu, go to Team, then Crossplay, and then add up your friends.


“I’m especially excited about crossplay! That’s one feature we’ve heard you loud and clear on and we’ve been working hard to get it in the game,” said Craig Zinkievich, CEO of Cold Iron Studios. “We’re looking forward to seeing you all enjoy the new content and playing together across all platforms!”

Aliens Fireteam Elite Cross Play Season 4 Prestige Ranks Rewards

The bugs don’t stand a chance

Other than cross-play, Season 4 is bringing Prestige ranks for veteran Aliens: Fireteam Elite players. The ranks are pretty much what you expect, if you’ve played any multiplayer mode of a Call of Duty game for some time. When a Class Kit hits level 20 in Fireteam, experience gained gets placed into Prestige ranks. The levels go all the way up to 100, offering up cosmetic rewards as you progress. Outfit and head accessories, nameplates, and decals and colors for weapons are all included as awards. The image above gives you a glance at what you can earn as you rank up. So if you ever wanted to bedazzle your rifle with gold sparkles, you know what to do, roughneck.

Season 4 brings plenty more, of course. A new Horde-type mode called Restock Turrets goes live in the season. It’s similar to Horde, but this time your job is to fend off waves while maintaining pre-placed turrets. The mode also passes out rewards at every 10 waves survived, up to wave 50.

There are also new Challenge Cards and Armory items, so be sure to check out the announcement before diving back into the fray.


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