April 22, 2024


Feel everything

Dead Man’s Diary is open


Fans of a bloody good adventure will be pleased to note that a new one has not long hit your screens. The game we’ll be talking about today is the rather cheerfully named Dead Man’s Diary. What’s going to make this outing stand above any others on the market? I hear you ask. Well, we’ll endeavor to work that one out together as we go.

Dead Man’s Diary is a photo-realistic romp from the clever folk over at TML STUDIOS. This title will see you exploring the ruins of society in a gorgeous narrative experience that spans multiple genres. This game takes survival and crafting elements, and blends them with a strong narrative, clever puzzles, and a thrilling mystery to solve. Put simply, there should be a little bit of something for anyone that gets a kick out of the adventure genre.

You will be taking the role of a survivor of nuclear armageddon. Survival will be key in Dead Man’s Diary as you find yourself having to forage for supplies and food and hunt for equipment. Even finding a safe place to bed down for the night may be harder than you’d think. You’ll be performing all of these tasks and of course unraveling the world’s mysteries without the use of weapons so you’ll need to be on your toes. The answers you seek won’t come easy so you’ll have to be prepared to solve some carefully crafted puzzles along the way. Well, they weren’t going to make any of this easy for you, right?

Dead Man’s Diary is giving us a pretty expansive world to explore. You’ll find yourself risking your neck as you travel through abandoned industrial complexes, sinister forests, and desolate cities. Your journey will be accompanied by a fully voiced narrative that will help you decipher exactly what’s been going on in the world since the bombs dropped. A suitably foreboding sound score will help weave a palpable layer of dread over the whole affair and really aid the scene-setting.


Dead Man’s Diary offers a very different experience than our other games, but comes with the standard of quality and visual polish our studio is known for,” said Thomas Langelotz, CEO and founder of TML STUDIOS. “This has been a passion project for our team and we can’t wait to see what players uncover in the world we’ve created.

If you’ve been looking for a new way to launch yourself into a bit of post-apocalyptic madness, Dead Man’s Diary could be a very interesting way to go. There certainly looks like there’s a lot to experience here for fans of the puzzle-adventure genre. Fans of a really good mystery might get their itch scratched with this game too. If you think you want to learn a bit more, or even go as far as purchasing this title I’ve done you the favor of leaving you a link here.