June 15, 2024


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Arma 4 development confirmed as Arma Reforger is released


Arma 4 has been confirmed to be in development, and to hold you over in the meantime, you can experience Arma Reforger.

First up, the developers provided the news that Arma 4 is in development with a video that takes a look back at previous entries in the series and teases Arma 4 at the end.

Nothing is known about the title, Arma Reforger is being described as a platform that serves as a stepping stone on the road to Arma 4 by offering a glimpse of the future ahead. It allows you the chance to test Arma’s approach, gameplay, and infrastructure and to shape what comes next for Arma 4 and the series as a whole.

Available for PC and as the first Arma title for Xbox, Arma Reforger takes you to the island of Everon which features over 51 km2 of landscape in an authentic Cold War setting.

This standalone, multiplayer sandbox showcases gameplay while offering modding tools that enable you to create assets, design scenarios, change gameplay mechanics, and alter battles in real-time. If you play on console, you can download unique content from modders around the world to play an infinite variety of scenarios.

Reforger offers multiplayer via two distinct game modes. The first is Conflict, which allows you to join others online and experience Cold War combat. You will be fighting for the island of Everon in a large, open-world terrain as a soldier of the US or Soviet Army.

You will need to capture strategic positions and work in tandem with others to secure objectives in a dynamic environment that features weapons and vehicles authentic to the period.

The second multiplayer game mode is called Game Master which is an easy, user-friendly tool that allows you to create various scenarios, manage events as they unfold, and guide other players through curated experiences using the real-time scenario editor.

Designed for newcomers and Arma veterans alike, this curative, mod-compatible game mode offers a responsive battleground. You can also explore the Workshop and filter created content using various criteria like rating, content type, genre, and more. There’s no need to reload the game if you want to join a modded server; simply join the server where your desired mod is located and start playing.

Reforger is currently in Early Access on Steam and through Game Preview on Xbox for $29.99. Because it is a work in progress, it may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game.


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