May 20, 2024


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Apex Legends Mobile Hands-On Impressions

Apex Legends Mobile perfectly introduces the game to new players who never played on PC and Console. Mobile players can easily hop on the game with its very interactive tutorial given by Mirage himself. Apex Legends Mobile even has a permanent Third-Person mode unlike on PC and Console. All other games modes found in the main game also made the cut in the mobile version. This hands-on impression will serve as a complete breakdown of how Respawn Entertainment recreated its masterpiece.

Note: This review is based on Apex Legends Mobile’s performance on a Samsung Galaxy A70. Apex Legends Mobile is currently on limited release on iOS and Android.


Respawn Entertainment hit a home run with Apex Legends Mobile. The devs obviously did their best to recreate the main game and translate everything into a mobile version. Just like Apex Legends, the mobile version has Battle Royale, Arenas, TDM, and the Firing Range. As of the limited launch, so far the only exclusive mode to Apex Mobile is the Rookie Tutorial mode.

First off, we have the newly introduced Rookie Tutorial mode that’s exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile. It’s very similar to Training Mode in the main game, however, Rookie Tutorial gives a more combative feel. The tutorial starts off as if you were entering a real match. Players will play as Bloodhound who’ll be teaming up with Mirage and Pathfinder. Throughout the entire tutorial, Mirage will be guiding players through the basics. In this course, players will learn how to sprint, open supply bins, equip weapons, maneuver around the map, and use abilities. After learning the basics, players will encounter a team fight wherein they’ll have to apply everything they’ve learned.  Honestly, it’s a great way to give new players the gist of the dynamics in the Apex Games. 

Once you’ve completed the Rookie Tutorial, Mirage then tells you to participate in a Battle Royale match. Unlike most mobile battle royales, players will find themselves battling against real players off the bat. As intimidating as that sounds, it really isn’t all that bad, especially since the game just launched. The majority of the players aren’t “cracked” yet aside from the main game veterans. Chances are you’ll either win the match or end the match with high placement. 

After completing your first match, players are free to do anything as they please. I personally hopped on several battle royale matches after I’ve completed the first BR match. From my experience, it feels like you’re playing the main Apex Legends game but on mobile. As of the time of this writing, we can only play Battle Royale in Season 3 World’s Edge. I have to say, for a mobile version, the map looks gorgeous. Respawn managed to maintain the map’s range and width. They even included all the POIs on the map and even the structures in each location were perfectly recreated. The only major difference would be the graphics, which I’ll be expanding on later in this review. 

Aside from Battle Royale, players can also participate in either Arenas or TDM which have the same rotation of maps. Just like in Battle Royale, both these game modes have the same gameplay and map structures as the main Apex Legends game. There isn’t much I can say except for the difference in graphics. 

During this limited launch of Apex Legends Mobile, surprisingly, Respawn also added ranked matches. The reason why I’m surprised is that the limited launch for Apex Mobile will only last until May 2, 2022. After the mentioned date, Respawn will hard reset everyone’s progression so that all players will have a fresh start during the global launch. That doesn’t mean I’m against having ranked matches. Honestly, it’s a perfect way to keep the servers busy as everyone is working their way to climb the ranks. The ranked points system in Apex Mobile is the same as the main game. Players will gain RP according to match placement, the number of kills, and assists. 

Believe me when I say I’m not exaggerating on the fact that Respawn perfectly recreated Apex Legends on mobile. Even the feel of the weapons in the game is spot on. Each weapon has the same recoil pattern, same power level, and same efficiency. Just like in the main game, players can also collect skins for each weapon from Apex Packs. The key difference in terms of loadout in Apex Legends Mobile is the ability to check weapon stats. In the loadout menu, players can check the stats of each weapon in the upper right corner. Players can also compare each weapon from one another to see which gun best suits their style of play. What makes things more innovative is that you can also see how the stats change when you apply attachments to the weapon. There are only a select few weapons that didn’t make it to the game which is okay considering that fan-favorite ones are included. The only weapons that aren’t in the game are C.A.R., Rampage, 30-30 Repeater, Bocek, and Kraber. 

As of the limited regional launch, Apex Legends Mobile-only features the original eight legends plus Octane. Interestingly enough, players no longer need to purchase their favorite legends. Instead, players will have to level up their account and receive each legend to the corresponding level requirement. From levels 2-5, players will unlock Bangalore, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Gibraltar. Wraith will only become available when players reach level 14. Mirage on the other hand is unlockable through the “New Player Rewards” while Caustic is in the free battle pass. As for other rewards when leveling up, players receive either Apex Packs or Flux. 

Another unique feature added for legends is the perks you can apply to each legend. As players progress using a particular legend, players can unlock unique passive abilities depending on their needs. In my opinion, there are a few pros and cons to this feature. Undeniably, it’s an innovative way to make the gameplay more rewarding especially when your main legend is fully kitted. However, what if the time comes when you don’t get to pick your main legend? Players will have no choice but to use another legend that is slightly less efficient compared to your main powered-up legend. Honestly speaking, you can barely feel the effects of each applied perk, but, it bothers me knowing I have to power up other legends. 


The graphics for Apex Legends Mobile is basically just a lower resolution of the main game’s graphics. Obviously, the textures are less detailed just so the smartphones can run a massive game smoothly. This may not be a popular opinion, but, I really think that Apex Legends Mobile’s graphics are on par with Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch. There are only a few animation downgrades, especially when zooming in the distance, but, overall Apex Legends Mobile looks amazing. 

Music and Sound Design

In terms of music and sound design, there really isn’t anything too special about them. In fact, I think that the game lacks a lot of qualities that you need in a game like Apex Legends. The sound quality of the game isn’t dynamic enough for players to hear where the footsteps are coming from. Maybe that’s why Respawn decided to add in 3D Audio Visuals for players to see where the sound is coming from. But I prefer hearing the footsteps myself for a more precise tracking down experience. 

Then there are the voice dialogues of each legend. Because the game already looks amazing and has smooth gameplay, I feel like they got lazy adding these minor details. The voice lines of each legend feel very repetitive which slightly makes me want to tape their mouths. For every action a legend makes within the game, there’s only one respective voice line. Hopefully, Respawn takes notice of this limitation and will kick it up a notch come the global launch. 

Last on this list is the music within the game. Honestly, it’s understandable that we only get to hear the default music of Apex Legends. It was the same scenario when the game launched on PC and Consoles, we only heard one track over and over again. I’m pretty sure that more music will come to Apex Legends Mobile once in-game events start coming in. 


The accessibility in Apex Legends Mobile is something you would typically find in an FPS mobile game. Players can customize their settings to their liking by adjusting sensitivity, changing control setup, adjusting volume, and selecting graphics quality. All these settings are essential, especially for an FPS mobile game. Comfort is always a priority when it comes to mobile games. At least in Apex Legends Mobile, players can freely customize and adjust all the necessary aspects according to their needs. 

Verdict – Should you download and play Apex Legends Mobile?

As I mentioned a while ago, Respawn has without a doubt masterfully recreated a mobile version of Apex Legends. Apex Legends Mobile feels exactly like the main game and can really get your blood pumping with all the action. Plus, given that Respawn is yet to include numerous maps and legends, it just excited me more to see how the other features will play out during the global launch. 

Fans of the game have been waiting for Apex Legends Mobile for over a year now and it was worth the wait. No doubt it’s a bummer that not everyone can get their hands on this masterpiece just yet. However, I can assure you that everyone will experience the same magic I felt, if not better, during this limited launch. Even newbies who only have access to mobile can easily fall in love with the game. Let’s just hope Respawn will carefully analyze each lacking element in the current version to polish the game to its full potential come the global launch. 

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