June 15, 2024


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Amazon Launches Original Mobile Games for Kids on Android and iOS

Amazon Launches Its First Original Mobile Games for Amazon Kids+ Platform

Amazon has today announced the launch of its first original mobile games for its kid-friendly platform Amazon Kids+. These include two new games, “Super Spy Ryan” and “Do, Re, and Mi”, that are based on TV shows of the same names on Amazon Kids+. Let’s take a look at the details below.

Amazon Kids+ Launches First Mobile Games

Amazon launched the two new mobile games for both iOS and Android platforms as part of its subscription-based entertainment platform for children. So now, apart from offering exclusive, kid-friendly TV shows, books, and movies, the Seattle-based giant is looking to tap into the ever-increasing mobile gaming market.

The new titles, Super Spy Ryan and Do, Re, and Mi, are based on TV shows available on the Amazon Kids+ platform. While Do, Re, and Mi will be available only on iOS soon, Super Spy Ryan has been released for both iOS and Android in the US, UK, and Ireland. The games will soon be available in Canada, Germany, and Japan. You can check out the official trailer of Super Spy Ryan right below.

“‘Super Spy Ryan’ and ‘Do, Re & Mi’ represent some of our most popular Amazon Kids+ content. We hope both add smiles and laughter to kids and grown-ups alike with this first look at the new kind of fun coming from the Amazon Kids+ mobile games team,” said Natasha Lipovac, the Global Head of Amazon Kids+ Content, in a statement.

Coming to the games, Do, Re, and Mi is a music-focused education game that helps kids learn the basics of musical instruments. Super Spy Ryan, on the other hand, is a single/ multiplayer adventure game that lets players choose from a variety of characters from the TV show to battle for stolen birthday gifts. There is also a “party mode” that allows players on the same Wi-Fi to play with each other.

Now, it is worth mentioning that you will require an Amazon Kids+ subscription, which comes for $2.99 (~Rs 225) a month, to access the TV shows and other content on the platform. However, the games can be played on supported devices for free. Furthermore, Amazon Kids+ subscribers will also be able to download and play the games on Amazon Fire tablets. So, what do you think about Amazon’s latest mobile games? Let us know in the comments below.