When Rogue Legacy was published in 2013, it featured an unusual gimmick as a roguelike. When a player died, they were reborn as the deceased’s heir. Players were generally given three alternatives to pick from in the game. Each child was allocated different stats and classifications.

While each of these classes has unique abilities, they all wielded the same weapon: swords. Rogue Legacy 2 not only introduces new classes to the series, but it also gives each one a new weapon. Spears, scythes, pistols, arrows, and other weapons are available. Which of the game’s various classes and weaponry are the best for newcomers?

1. Chef​

The Chef has a solid set of numbers on his side. They have a frying pan with which they may burn adversaries for a short seconds. It’s amusing to think of a frying pan as a weapon, but it gets better. The Chef’s inherent culinary aptitude is what makes it a must-have class.

Players can use stew to heal themselves up to three times. Upgrades to the castle, as well as Relics and Runes, can be used to refresh this ability. In a roguelike, the more methods players may heal, the better.

2. Ronin​

In Rogue Legacy 2, the Ronin is similar to a samurai. It holds a katana, which some would not consider to be a long-range weapon. However, the katana’s attack does, making it a good mid-ranged weapon. The standard horizontal and vertical slices are fantastic, but the class’ unique ability is much better.

Players can sheathe their katana before releasing it in a stunning stroke in any direction, as if they were a genuine samurai. If an adversary is weak enough, it might potentially kill them instantaneously.

3. Valkyrie​

The Valkyrie doesn’t appear to be one of the finest classes in Rogue Legacy 2, with little health and a sluggish weapon. However, it is their valuable talent and weapon reach that sets them apart from the competition.

The Fauchard (spear) of the Valkyrie is a little slower than others, but it may be aimed up, down, left, and right. This is a good way to get rid of adversaries on various stages without getting wounded. An adversary will be critted if you attack while dashing.

4. Duelist​

The Duelist has average health and mana, as well as a powerful passive ability and a fast weapon that generates a lot of crits when used appropriately. The Duelist’s preferred weapon is a Saber, which is the fastest weapon in the game when used in the air. Swings are a type of strike that may be combined with a ground attack (Lunge) to create a powerful, quick combination.

When used while dashing, the Saber will crit an adversary. As a result, you may use a combination of air, ground, dash, and talent strikes to totally kill opponents in seconds. It’s particularly effective against bosses, since it may deliver the most hits during small gaps in their strikes.

5. Astromancer​

The Astromancer is a significantly more powerful spell caster than the regular mage. A black hole-like gateway will open up when you employ the rod weapon’s regular strike.

This mass will remain for a few seconds, inflicting damage on any adversary that walks through it. It will also vanish if players attempt to call another portal from a different location. It also features a special ability called Comet Form, which allows players to fly about for a few seconds while avoiding damage. If players learn how to utilise it correctly in this roguelike, it is an OP class.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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