June 17, 2024


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25 Best PC RPG Shooter Games of All Time

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When it comes to shooters, regardless of whether they’re first-person or third-person, they’re usually labeled as “basic”. “Point and shoot”, but some of the best shooters out there are ones that actually embrace the RPG element of things. So allow us to show you the 25 Best PC RPG Shooter Games of All Time!

#25 Cyberpunk 2077

Is it mean to start off this list with Cyberpunk 2077? Meh.

Think about it, Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to be the “next gen RPG shooter” where you can literally augment your body as much as, or as little as, you want. As well as have complete freedom to roam Night City and do the game in your way and at your pace.

Some of those things did happen, but, it came at the cost of the game being a mess to play at times. The game is buggy still, and CD Projekt Red had to scrap certain DLC and update plans just to fix the games.

Sure, when all of it works? It’s probably going to be awesome to play. But for now? If you don’t have a great PC? Pass.

#24 Ghost Recon Wildlands

In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you are part of a ghost squadron of soldiers who are dispatched to Bolivia in order to stop a drug cartel who is trying to turn the country into their own personal narco-state. In other words, not pretty stuff.

But your team is there to stop it, and you’ll get to not just customize your ghost so that you can be the soldier you want to be. You’ll be able to explore this version of Bolivia in order to take the cartel down however you choose.

And of course, you can either play the game by yourself, or team up with other ghosts to complete missions. Will you be able to free the country from this threat? Jump in and find out.

#23 Stalker Series

The Stalker Series might not be the most popular video game line right now due to world events, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t great games in their own right.

In this version of history, the Chernobyl incident is still being felt in the overall, and those who dare go into “the zone” are ones who have a desperate purpose for being there. And now, through these games, you’ll find yourself in the zone and having to survive in it.

But that won’t be easy even with protection from the radiation. You’ll need to outfit yourself to deal with other people, animals, and perhaps a few other things lurking within.

Each game brings its own story and challenges, go and see if you can survive them!

#22 Elex 2

Elex 2 puts you right back in the shoes of Jax, but this time around, the enemy is not from this world. Yes, set after the events of the first game, a new threat is coming down from the very sky above them. And now Jax has to do the impossible and unite the once warring factions of the land to take down this sky threat.

All the while, trying to find the son that was lost to him.

You’ll not just be able to fly around this vast world on a jetpack, you’ll get to have a team based on how you act, and if they die in your care, that’ll affect the story.

#21 The Ascent

The Ascent takes place in a Cyberpunk world (no, we won’t make another 2077 joke…this time) where you are a worker who is literally enslaved by a corporation that gives you certain weapons and abilities.

But then, one day, the corporation shuts down, and you are now very much alone.

To figure out the truth, you must go back to where it all began, and fight off all that stand in your way. Take your abilities to the next level in the game by switching up your weapons, mastering new abilities, and teaming up with other players to ensure you all survive.

Can you find the truth about what happened?

#20 Rage 2

In Rage 2…well…there’s a lot going on. 80% of the population is dead because of a meteor strike, those that are still around are either struggling to survive or are part of ruthless gangs and factions vying for control and you…are a Ranger. Named Walker. How did they get away with that?

Anyway, the chaos that ensues is very much what you have to deal with. You’ll get to travel across a vast dystopian world that gives you freedom of movement, vehicle battles, people and monsters to fight, and a TON of weapons for you to unleash upon your foes with utter glee.

So in short…you’re going to have fn here.

#19 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Are you ready to be called back into action? Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 puts you this time in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. The capital is under threat from multiple factions, and a coup might even be in the works. Thus, The Division is here to stop it. Or at least, to try and prevent the nation from collapsing under all that’s occurring.

You’ll need to traverse through this bitter version of D.C. and do your best to complete various missions, get the supplies you need to keep going, fight off the factions that are vying for control, and more.

Team up with other players to make this a simpler task, and slowly take back things for democracy!

#18 Warframe

When it comes to Warframe, they give you more than just options in gameplay, they base their entire gameplay system around the various ways you can fight. Because in this game, you’ll be part of an intergalactic war, and your main weapon of fighting is a biomechanical suit known as a Warframe.

The twist? There are over 40 different Warframes that you can choose from, and each plays differently to one another. So you can very much start out with one, then switch later on and have a different combat experience.

What’s more, you can play it alone or with friends in order to complete missions, fight the bad guys, and figure out the truth of all that’s going on.

#17 Remnant From The Ashes

Remnant From The Ashes is definitely a bold game in scope. In this universe, the Earth has been overrun by an ancient evil. One that is threatening everything and humanity is truly on its last legs.

But, you have the ability to travel across dimensions in order to get supplies, learn the truth, and fight back. So gather your friends, or do it alone as you fight unending hordes of monsters. All so you can try and get humanity a place to survive in and rebuild all that they have lost.

And with your portal gun (no, not THAT Portal gun), you’ll go to randomly generated worlds that are different every time you use the weapon.

So jump in and see what’s out there and how you can survive it.

#16 Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, you’re one person who is asked to help lead a rebellion to overthrow a vicious dictator, one who is determined above all else to ensure his son is ready to take his throne when the time comes.

To prevent that, and save the nation itself, you must arm yourself and take the fight to them. Team up with various characters and slowly chip away at the enemies based and support system.

But be warned, much like in other Far Cry titles, how you go and handle things will determine the game’s ending. So make sure you’re good with what you decide…

#15 Prey

Prey was one of many IP that Bethesda (through Arkane in this case) tried to revive for the modern age. While the 2017 game may not have moved the needle as much as they hoped, it’s still a solid game with incredible shooter and RPG elements.

You wake up on the Talos 1 station in space and realize very quickly that things have gone wrong. As such, you must try and unlock the secrets of the station, your own past, and all the while fight a horde of aliens!

Aliens of whom you can steal their powers and become MUCH stronger. So see which ones work for you, and then figure out how to survive.

#14 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

While the Borderlands series as a whole has been more shooter than RPG at times, the expansion game Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands honestly fixes that in a very fun way.

Because in the game, you get to play with Tiny Tina herself in order to have a riveting game of D&D with friends. Or, you know, the Borderlands version of D&D.

Anyway, the big hook here is that instead of being one rigid class throughout the game, you get to customize your player throughout it in order to mix classes, get the best abilities, and ensure you are up to snuff for the madness that is to follow!

So if you’re looking for something “a little different”, here you go!

#13 Metro Exodus

In the universe of Metro, the world has been devastated by nuclear war. 25 years have passed by the time Metro Exodus arrives, and the people who are clinging to life in Moscow, Russia are desperate to have a new life.

You play once more as Artyom, who must lead a group of rangers through dangerous lands in order to try and find a place for the survivors to live.

The game is not easy, as you’ll have to deal with creatures both natural and supernatural. As if that’s not enough, the choices you make on your way will determine who in your team lives. Add that to non-linear levels and danger everywhere, and you’ll have a good time trying to survive this game.

#12 Deus Ex Mankind Divided

The modern day Deus Ex games have done their best to express the options of choice so that players can truly do things their own way.

In Deus Ex Mankind Divided, that is shown in various ways, as Adam Jensen is back, and to stop a global conspiracy, he must make sure he has the right set of tools and abilities to go and complete missions. But, to do that, you need to choose how to get things done. Will you go in guns blazing? Will you try and be stealthy? Or create a variety of distractions so that people don’t notice you?

You might be an outcast, but the world needs you, so make your choices and see if you can live with them.

#11 Far Cry 5

Some might find it odd that the more recent Far Cry game isn’t higher on this list, but that one felt a bit tame and repetitive compared to what Far Cry 5 was.

Ubisoft went full-tilt with this game in order to make it look and feel like you were in Montana, which in the game is the home of a cult who is trying to usurp power.

In the game, you’re tasked with overthrowing him, and how you do that is up to you in certain ways. Including the various folk that you can team-up with in order to get missions done with true precision. Just be warned, these cult members won’t go down easily. And you might not like how things end…

#10 Borderlands 3

Yep, you should know that there ain’t no rest for the wicked.

Borderlands 3 was a game a LONG time coming, and when it finally came…it was worth the wait. You know exactly what you’re getting in this title. Guns, lots of them. As well as a variety of characters both fresh faced and familiar as you once again travel across a set of worlds to unlock vaults, cause mayhem and just…do what you want.

Seriously, this game is all about the action and allowing you to be the most epic vault hunter around. Who needs depth in story and characters when you have a bazillion guns at your beck and call? Exactly.

#9 The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is one of the more recent brainchilds of Obsidian Entertainment, and while it may have seemed like “yet another space RPG”, you’ll find out really quickly that this game is so much more than that.

Because in The Outer Worlds, you’re tasked with saving a colony, standard stuff, right? Except, literally everything you do in this game from how you fight, to how you talk, and what you don’t do well, is going to affect your character, your story, your companions, and so on.

You’ll explore a vast set of worlds as you try and save Halcyon from a corporation bent on just making life miserable for many. Become the person you want to be and see where that takes you on this grand adventure.

#8 BioShock: The Collection

Would you kindly check out this series of games?

The original Bioshock game was a revelation of a title in many ways. Sending you below the depths to an underwater city full of monsters, secrets, and one bone-rattling twist at the end. Its sequel and Infinite had varying levels of quality, but when you put them together like this, it’s a collection you can’t miss.

These games allow you to have all sorts of fun with not just the weapons you wield, and how you get around at times, but the additional powers you can have. You’ll be able to shoot elements, unleash a swarm of bees, and so on.

These titles still (mostly) hold up, so don’t miss out on them!

#7 Deathloop

Deathloop is one of those titles that you’ll look at and think, “that’ll never work” and then when you play it, you’ll go, “oh yeah, I was wrong”.

In the game, you play as Colt, a man who is trapped on an island that is going through an infinite time loop. The only way off it? Well, you need to kill 8 people in different locations, who are not easy to reach, all before the day ends.

Oh, and there’s an assassin out there who will kill you if you get into their sights. If you die? The day resets.

The team behind Dishonored made this game, and the blend of guns and superpowers is a refined mix here. As is the fun of trying to figure out how to kill the targets quickly, uniquely, and definitively as you seek to end the loop forever.

#6 Fallout 4

One could argue that Fallout 4 is the game that took the “RPG shooter” aesthetic to an insane level. Why? Because in this game, you’ll be able to take all sorts of random materials and be able to create some of the most insane weapons that you’ve ever witnessed. All the while, allowing you to rebuild the wasteland you find yourself in after getting out of Vault 111 in your own way.

Oh, and did we mention you get a dog? That’s an RPG thing or anything, but it’s cool.

And naturally, because it’s Fallout, you’re going to have a massive open-world to go and do things in, fight things in, and so on. There’s a lot of freedom out there just waiting to be explored by you.

#5 Destiny 2

We’ll be honest here, we probably should’ve put Destiny 2 a bit lower on this list because even with the benefit of a previous title and knowing what NOT to do, Destiny 2 still doesn’t feel like the promise that Bungie gave players when they announced the sequel.

But, that being said, we have it up here because they HAVE been dedicated to giving fans a whole bunch of content both in terms of singleplayer and multiplayer. And the fact that they’re continuing to give DLC and updates at a fair rate ensures that the game will be played for quite some time.

You’ll love making your character and then outfitting them with the best gear, abilities and then putting them to work. It may not be all that you wanted, but it’s still a darn good game.

#4 Fallout New Vegas

It should be noted that Fallout New Vegas was not made by Bethesda, but rather, Obsidian, and while a change in dev doesn’t always work, it absolutely does here.

This actually the follow-up to a certain game that we’ll get to later, but Fallout New Vegas takes you to a whole new setting with all new characters, factions, and more. In minds of many fans, this is the best game in the Fallout line, and that’s saying something.

In New Vegas, you’ll try and survive while choosing sides or just killing everyone you don’t want to deal with. The choices are littered throughout the game, and new systems help you manage your companions, character choices, and more.

In other words, you NEED to check out this title.

#3 Control

One of the more surprise hits of the last few years, Control features you as someone trying to find their brother, and instead winds up as the head of the Bureau of Control. Now, with an odd gun that can become almost anything you want, and a set of powers that are growing for some reason, you’ll need to search through “the last old building” in order to realize what’s going on…if you really want to learn that truth.

This game blends freedom of movement, powers, and gunplay rather well, and as many have noted, when you combine it with the very fleshed out story and interesting setting that Control has, you suddenly have something very much worth checking out.

#2 Fallout 3

Yeah, as you can tell, Fallout is a big hit on this list, and it’s not hard to see why. The Fallout universe is massive, and the way you can tell the stories of this wasteland and those who inhabit it are near infinite so long as it’s quality.

Fallout 3 in many ways was one of the “coming out parties” for Bethesda as a developer. The first two Fallout titles were more restrictive, while Fallout 3 was open-world, and allowed you to do just about anything you wanted whenever you wanted.

This was also where we got certain key mechanics that would go into the other Fallout titles on this list. Add that to the vast character customization system and how you can grow? And yeah, this is an RPG shooter of the highest caliber.

#1 Mass Effect Legendary Edition

You could argue for many of the top ten games to be here in the NO.1 slot. But frankly, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition contains not one, not two, but three incredible games (outside of the ME3 ending) that honestly basic in the fact that it’s more than a shooter.

Just in terms of how you use Commander Shepherd and what kind of fighter he is defines the RPG shooter mechanics of the game. You can make him a firearms specialist, someone who has superpowers basically, or uses technology to his advantage, and so on.

Then, you get to boost his abilities over time to make him the Specter that you feel can save the universe.

And this is on top of being part of one of the greatest RPG trilogies of all time. If you somehow haven’t played the main three Mass Effect games…you really need to fix that.