April 22, 2024


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20 Best Xbox One RPG Shooter Games That Will Keep You Playing Endlessly

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Both shooters and RPGs have been among the few genres of games that have transcended across many generations and many years. Players remember when titles included a pixelated character on a screen where now scenes are so realistic that their implementation seems questionable. Of course, the genre has also been one that’s beloved across many titles and we can’t imagine some of our favorite games without their trademark gameplay. So, we created a list of the best Xbox One RPG shooter games that you can pick up right now and enjoy.

#20 Elex 2

The sequel to the vintage ELEX, ELEX 2 returns players to Magalan but with a much larger map that can be explored via the use of a jetpack. Because of this, players will have the ability to venture through the story in any way that they please while also interacting with you according to how you choose to proceed in the game.   They can join or leave you, remember the things that you’ve done and react accordingly, and much more. Jax may have defeated the hybrid, but there are so many other enemies waiting for him in this latest adventure that really puts you in a post-apocalyptic world from the minds of Piranha Bytes.

#19 Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is the online multiplayer Fallout game that we’ve always wanted. Taking place in West Virginia in an open world known as Appalachia, players can play by themselves or with up to three other players in a party. The world is four times bigger than Fallout 4 and features recreations of real-life places like The Greenbrier and Camden Park. The game also features a lot of monsters that replicate folklore from the area like the Mothman. Players can also take advantage of revamped gameplay mechanics such as the settlements aspect and crafting. If you really want to affect the world within the game, you can search for launch codes that release missiles that can temporarily alter the map. These areas can then be farmed for rare items and resources.

#18 Rage 2

Rage 2 is an interesting release from id Software. It follows Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland. Vineland is set in a completely barren world where most of the humankind died as the result of an apocalyptic event. In its wake, new settlements and factions have popped up and one particular group called the Authority has declared itself the law. Outside of the narrative, you can take on gruesome monsters in intense scuffles all over the wasteland. You can even traverse the open world in different vehicles that can be acquired all over Vineland. These vehicles can be used in combat as well against the different bandits and enemies you’ll encounter. If you give this game a shot, you need to be aware that in most cases, the most aggressive way to do things is the right way.

#17 Warframe

Warframeis a free third-person MMORPG that lets players take control of a race of warriors who have awoken from centuries of suspended animation. After waking up, it’s found that the Earth is at war with several different planetary factions. The world is a relatively open world save for the story-specific missions that have fixed-level designs. The game is home to both PvE and PvP content that provides unique weapons and abilities for each character. There are currently different game modes that let players engage in space-bound combat. There are also other aspects of the game such as collecting ships and curating your personal crew that many players can take advantage of. Besides that, there are consistent updates that add new stories and Warframes to the game’s repertoire.

#16 Remnant From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes is a third-person shooter that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth that has been destroyed by an evil called the Root. You can destroy your enemies using a wide variety of weapons and abilities earned as you progress. You can create your own custom character and traverse the randomly generated world. Even though the journey is different every time you play, the story is still the same which consists of destroying the Root. You can team up with up to three other players to progress through the story. The difficulty of your playthrough will vary depending on how many players are playing. Unlike other games in this vein, you don’t lose all of your items when you die and instead the enemies change in either number or type to maintain gameplay variety.

#15 Metro Exodus

If you’re a fan of games with survival horror and stealth elements, then Metro Exodus might be up your alley. This is the third installment in the Metro series that takes its story from the novels of the same name. The game is set in the year 2035 exactly one year after the events of the second game, Metro: Lost Light. The world is a hostile one filled with mutated creatures and destructive humans. You can wield an arsenal of weapons that can be customized and upgraded using scavenging materials. The story is incredibly well told and the narrative as a whole could rival the novels themselves. There is also a dynamic day and night system that changes over the four seasons and takes place over the course of one whole in-game year as you progress.

#14 Far Cry 5

Fary Cry 5 is one of the most insane titles in the entire series. It focuses on modern-day middle America and the brainwashing Eden’s Gate doomsday cult. The cult is led by a family of sociopaths who each have developed their own style of ruling in their respective areas. Like previous Fary Cry games, you can expect an open world filled with vehicles for you to travel across it with. There are plenty of side-quests to take advantage of as well as animal companions that you can collect to help you in battles. The story is never dull and has you thoroughly exploring the map and using different gameplay elements to progress. You can also play the story by yourself or with a friend through the game’s co-op mode called “Friends for Hire.”

#13 Far Cry 6

Much in the same vein as Fary Cry 6, the developers upped the ante in created a deranged antagonist. The story follows the fictional Caribbean island of Yara which is ruled by a dictator named Anton Castillo. You take on the role of guerilla fighter Dani Rojas who is trying to take down Castillo and his regime through revolutionary means. Much of the game takes special nods from the Cuban Revolution of the mid-20th century which is prevalent throughout its entirety. Similar to Fary Cry 5, you can also recruit and tame animals for use in battle as well as enlist recruits to help your cause. You can also expect the same open world as well as a wide variety of vehicles to help you traverse it.

#12 The Ascent

The Ascent is a cyberpunk-themed isometric game with twin-stick shooter gameplay. You play as workers for a company called the Ascent Group and you have to fight against other factions from seizing control of the arcology that you all live in. The game is entirely open world and there are virtually no loading screens to worry about as you go from place to place. You can either play by yourself or with three other players in both local and online co-op. If you enjoy grinding for resources and experience, this might be the title for you. You might also enjoy it if you’re a fan of Cyberpunk 2077 as many of the same themes are shared between the two.

#11 Borderlands 3

The third installment in the Borderlands franchise lets you create a character based on one of four classes and fight out in the wasteland. You can take on various missions provided to you by NPCs and defeat enemies for loot and resources. The story takes place seven years after the events of Borderlands 2 and introduces Troy and Tyreen Calypso. Their involvement in the world creates a disruption that is causing Vault hunters to search for more Vaults. You can either play the fame by yourself or in a party of up to four people. As you progress and gain levels, you can customize your character with different skills to be used in battle. There are several new gameplay features that were added in this game to help make combat and moving around a bit smoother. If you were a fan of the previous two games then there is a good chance that Borderlands 3 will fill that need also.

#10 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

This is the latest installment in the Borderland’s universe and involves Tiny Tina being the dungeon master of a fantasy-themed tabletop roleplaying game. There are many key aspects of this game that differ from the previous installments including more roleplaying elements. The fantasy elements are also different in comparison to previous games. Several famous voices also lend their talent to the game including Andy Samberg, Will Arnett, and Wanda Sykes. There are six character classes that players can choose from and for the first time ever, players can mix and match them to create their preferred playstyle. You’ll still have access to a wide arsenal of weapons and explosives but this time, they have a bit of a fantasy flair to them. Ashly Burch returns as the voice of Tiny Tina which is an incredible relief since the role just wouldn’t be the same without her.

#9 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

The Division 2 takes place in an open-world Washington DC that is seeing a civil war between the survivors of the events from the previous game as well as bands of marauders and bandits. Players can enjoy an online experience with friends in different modes that include Dark Zones which provides players with loot and different raids. You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of different downloadable content as well as an update for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users so that they can run the game as well. The game is exclusively multiplayer and takes advantage of different events that players can go through together. You’ll also be able to create and customize your character at the beginning for an even more unique experience. Similar to your favorite MMO, there are also daily and weekly raids that you can play, meaning that you can schedule a game night every week with your friends.

#8 Control

Control is a really interesting title as it was developed by the same team behind Alan Wake and Quantum Break. The game takes place in what is known as the Oldest House which holds different entities that wield immense powers. These entities could be anything from a cup to a refrigerator that holds a specific power that could bend time and even kill people. This facility holds and studies them for unknown reasons and as Jesse Faden, the Federal Bureau of Control’s newest Director, journeys through the place, she learns more. Her brother was taken by those at the Oldest House and she needs to manage to find her way through the madness to find out what her connection to all of this is. The narrative is incredibly well told and even though the description might seem a bit convoluted, you absolutely won’t regret giving it a shot.

#7 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Mankind Divided is probably the best installment in the entire Deus Ex series. You take on the role of Adam Jensen who is equipped with different cybernetic augmentations. You can play as you like since there are different stealth aspects that you can take advantage of at every level. You can also upgrade Adam’s augmentations using experience and by finding Praxis Kits. You can also find blueprints around the world that you can use to craft and create new melee weapons and projectiles/explosives. If you’re a fan of the game’s lore, you can speak to different NPCs using different dialogue options to be able to do just that. In fact, dialogue is so important that you can even negate entire boss battles by using the right dialogue options. The game is exclusively single-player and has a great focus on realism resulting in darker themes and a more subdued color palette.

#6 Prey

Prey is a first-person shooter with role-playing and stealth elements similar to our previous entries. You take on the role of Morgan Yu as you’re expected to survive against the Typhon. You’re aboard a space station that almost seems to be one continuous loop as you go forward and have to backtrack to get to other areas. It takes place in a universe where the assassination attempt against President John F. Kennedy fails. This results in several different economical differences including the US traveling to Mars. This results in several scientific advancements that end up creating the strange entities known as Mimics that can become different items, making it almost impossible to tell the difference as you progress. You’ll have access to an arsenal of weapons that you can upgrade throughout so that you can have the best advantage against your enemies.

#5 BioShock: The Collection

Bioshock: The Collection comes with all three games as well as their DLC. This version was completely remastered and runs so smoothly on the Nintendo Switch among other consoles. Each of these games is wildly different in its own right but each follows its own unique story with the same first-person shooter gameplay. You’ll be able to use unique powers called Plasmids that allow you to manipulate elements and perform a variety of different attacks as well as use tons of high-powered weapons against your enemies. Some people would consider the first two to have a more survival-horror element to them but you’ll just have to play them for yourself to see. The third game, Bioshock Infinite, offers a completely different story in the same realm as the previous two with a narrative that has won many awards.

#4 The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is a breath of fresh air in the narrative world. The game is an open-world sci-fi RPG that takes place in the Halcyon star system. The laws on these planets are completely different than what you would imagine and thus results in some hilarious dialogue and intense scenes. Image Mass Effect mixed with Fallout and you have a much more serious version of The Outer Worlds. You can recruit people on your journey each with their own stories that you can experience as well. You can also collect different collectibles and explore secret areas as you find hidden quests and rare items. Something else that’s awesome about this game is that your character grows with your gameplay which later result in flaws that can either impede characters or add additional perks.

#3 Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter and MMO all wrapped in one. There is an overarching story that can be experienced through open maps as well as more straightforward levels. Alongside the story and sidequests that can be found among all the different planets you can visit, there are also different raids and events that you can participate in. You can choose from different classes that can be customized using different weapons and armor sets. The different DLC expansions add more stories and raids to the game as well as customizable aspects for your character among other things. Since it’s also an MMO, you will rank up in level until reaching the endgame where you can begin focusing on maximizing your abilities and earning a higher Power level and resources.

#2 Fallout 4

Fallout 4 takes place in a post-apocalyptic Boston. The world mimics that of a futuristic 1950’s and players are introduced to the survival horrors of the wasteland. Players can create their own character that they can customize with different perks, clothing, and weapons to traverse the wasteland in style and with damage. The world is completely open though you cannot travel via vehicle or other means. You will have to walk from place to place which can lead to radiated monster encounters and run-ins with NPCs who are willing to offer you quests in exchange for some bottle caps. You can fast travel from place to place with different companions and even play around in your settlement where you can make custom homes for people that you encounter across the wasteland. The narrative is one of the best told in the Fallout franchise so if you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic themes and worlds that are dictated by your decisions, then this game is for you.

#1 Mass Effect Legendary Edition

This choice happens to be one of my personal favorites on this list. You play as Commander Shepard through all three titles in this collection as they travel the universe in search of different objectives with their crew. Shepard can either be male or female and every game consists of a crew of characters that not only could you explore various planets with, but you could also start romantic relationships with them. All three of these games focus on a morality system that affects how other characters react to you as well as how certain missions can end. Each of these games comes with its DLC which includes even more content for players to enjoy on top of the incredible storyline that connects them all together. Every location is pretty open save for a few levels that are more straightforward for the sake of the story. Besides that, you can expect to find different collectibles and people willing to offer you quests in exchange for paragon or Renegade points.

Bonus: Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open-world, third-person shooter where up to four players can do missions and stop different drug cartels. You can choose different classes according to your preferred playstyle and complete missions by playing on everyone’s strengths. Most missions can be accomplished using stealth tactics while others are preferred to be taken care of with explosions. Regardless, you’ll have access to different weapons that can help you do the job as well as different vehicles that can help you get away. You can also play online in 4v4 game modes elimination matches that can also level up their classes without having to play the singleplayer campaign. It’s the first game in the entire Ghost Recon franchise to include such an open environment so this is definitely a treat if you’re a longtime fan of the franchise.