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13 Classic Old Best Arcade Games for Android

Remember those years when arcade games were the king of them all? Man, those were the days!

Gaming has gone a long way since the introduction of the arcade games in the 70s. Now, there are countless choices and games have way better graphics. Still, nothing beats good old memories. Arcade games for android devices is an ingenious fusion of the best of the present day technology and best of creativity and nostalgia of the past.

Retro never gets old.  And even in this day of modern technology, I still feel nostalgic about the games of my childhood. The good news is here. We can still relive those precious moments with the help of these 13 best arcade games for android devices.

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Top 13 best Classic Arcade Games on Android store

We have curated a collection of the 13 best classic arcade games for Android available on the Google play Store. Do check them out and revel in nostalgia.

  1. PAC-MAN
  2. Metal Slug 3
  3. Crazy Taxi Classic
  4. R-Type
  5. Double Dragon Trilogy
  6. Dragon’s Lair
  7. Galaga Wars
  8. Space Invaders
  9. Golden Axe Classic
  10. Altered Beast
  11.  Blazing Star
  12. Samurai Shodown II
  13. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic

There are a ton of unforgettable and memorable classic arcade games on android available to play immediately. However, most of them might be worth taking down the memory lane but not all of them will give the same exhilarating feeling when we first played them on the arcade boxes.

Out of the hundred arcade games for android, we could think of, we trimmed down our list to 15 games. We chose these games as they greatly emphasize the old classic arcade games that younger generation of people will never understand.

So without further ado, let us look in detail at these 13 best classic arcade games for android in Play Store


Classic Pac-Man

When we talk of the arcade, what instantly comes to mind is, you guess it right, PAC-MAN. There are now many versions of this game available for download. This tops our list of the best classic arcade games for android.

But if you really want the true PAC-MAN experience, the right choice is to download Bandai-Namco’s free app. Eat all the fruits and pac-dots along the maze but make sure to avoid the ghost.


  • Classic 8-bit arcade mode with original mazes
  • Brand new collection of mobile mazes
  • Daily PAC-MAN missions to earn tokens
  • Tournament mode

2. Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 Shooting Game

A classic example of arcade shooting games, Metal Slug 3 has now been ported to the Play Store. This is perfect for those who want to experience the run-and-gun classic or those who are fond of action shooting games.

One of the best arcade games for Android out there, which you can play and enjoy in multiple ways.


  • Single player campaign with classic mode or mission mode
  • Wireless multiplayer cooperative gameplay mode via Bluetooth
  • Various slugs and weapons available

3. Crazy Taxi Classic

Crazy Taxi Classic

Being a taxi driver and collecting fares may not sound fun. But to us who grew up playing Crazy Taxi Classic, it’s an adventurous trip down memory lane. It is considered as one of the best arcade games for android. Packed with blasting songs, this all-time great is definitely one of the memorable classic arcade games.

So let’s play pretend and be a taxi driver for a while and zig-zag through the crazy city traffic at high speed.


  • Arcade mode and original mode with 3, 5 or 10-minute gameplay
  • Includes Crazy Box’s 16 mini-games
  • Original soundtrack by The Offspring and Bad Religion

4. R-Type

arcade games for android
R-Type Arcade Game

There are lots of space-shooting games available today. But one of the best arcade games of this type is no other than the R-Type. Even without actual joystick, you can still experience the same fun and thrill using virtual controls.

Your spaceship is up against aggressive shooters but simply dodge and shoot your way to victory.


  • 3 different control options and 8 levels
  • 2 difficulty levels
  • Upgraded with new weapons, attachments, and power-ups

5. Double Dragon Trilogy

Double Dragon Trilogy- best arcade games for Android

You can now play all three of these beat ‘em up classic series on your Android device. Beat your enemy as you walk along the street. You can punch them, kick them or kill them with whatever weapon you find along the way.

Beat all those street toughs, and beat them up good! Available in arcade and story mode. You can also play the Double Dragon Trilogy with your friends on co-op play via Bluetooth.


  • 2 game modes: arcade and story mode
  • 3 difficulty levels: mobile, original, and expert
  • Customizable controls
  • Co-op mode via Bluetooth
  • Gamepad support, compatible with most Android controllers

6. Dragon’s Lair

Classic Dragon’s Lair Game- One of the best arcade games for android

To this day, Dragon’s Lair has remained as one of banner classic arcade games. An impressive game which once was the king of the arcade, this 80s treasure is packed with fun and nostalgia, especially to those who grew up playing it.

With a stunning hand-drawn cartoon graphic, this game is nothing like any game we have today. Just guide the hero, Dirk The Daring, and use his sword to defeat the enemy, the Evil Wizard Mordroc.


  • Full compatibility for Android tablets and phones
  • Remastered footage
  • Hand-drawn graphics adapted from the original

7. Galaga Wars

Galaga Wars Space Shooting Game

Save the galaxy from total destruction and drive the iconic heroic ship. Fire up and shoot the enemies brought your way by the alien mothership, the big boss Galaga. Arm your ship with smoking missiles, laser blasts, and barrel-rolls.

Definitely one of the best classic arcade games for Android.


  • 4 unique abilities per ship: ghost shield, laser, space mines, and explosive shot
  • Retro, sci-fi experience
  • Original cast of enemies, including Scorpion, Bee, and Butterfly
  • Play as Galaga fighter or as other starships like Galaxian Star Blade and Xevious

8. Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Here’s another classic sci-fi, the space-shooting game from the late 70s. This mobile version of Space Invaders allows you to experience the arcade hit classic through your Android device.

Protect the Earth from the alien invaders by shooting them with cannons. An exciting game from simpler times, this remains as one of the best arcade games there is.


  • 4 screen modes
  • 3 control methods: touch and drag, on-screen, and tilt controls
  • Bonus extras, including rare materials from the original game

9. Golden Axe Classic

Golden Axe Classic

Golden Axe Classic is another iconic beat ‘em up arcade game. Created by SEGA, this game includes all 3 16-bit chapters of the Golden Axe series. Yes, all of them in a single app!

Now wield your sword, ax, and other weapons and defeat all the enemies as you make your way across Yuria. Defeat all enemies like Damned Hellstrike, Death Adder, and Dark Guld.


  • Offline play
  • Game progress save mode
  • HID compatible controllers

10. Altered Beast

Altered Beast

Altered Beast is a beat ‘em game with a Greek mythology twist. One of the classic SEGA Forever series, this arcade game brings back the terrifying hero from Hades.

Maul, claw and hack the enemy in the depths of hell and rescue Athena, Zeus’ daughter. In this game, you’ll meet and have to defeat legions of demons and all evil enemies you can imagine.


  • 5 levels of hellish boss battles
  • Transform the hero into various predators
  • Collectible mystical power orbs
  • Cheat codes from the original are working

11. Blazing Star

Blazing Star Shooting Game

This iconic 2D action shooting game from NEGEO is now ported to Android. A great classic throwback, the Blazing Star lets you relive the simpler but fun gaming of shooting your enemies.

Armed with various weapons and powerful options, shoot down the enemies and go for the kill. No doubt, one of the best shooting arcade games for Android.


  • Classic arcade mode and mission mode
  • 6 spaceships with various characteristics and capabilities
  • Cooperative gameplay via Bluetooth

12. Samurai Shodown II

Samurai Shodown II

Samurai Shodown II is an old-time favorite. It is easily one of the best arcade games when of its type.

With your Samurai hero, you will be up against powerful adversaries and the evil Mizuki Rashojin.


  • A cast of 15 master swordsmen characters
  • Additional moves available such as Weapon Smash Attack, Backward Flip, Crouch, Forward Somersault, and more
  • Original 4-button arcade with additional 6-button layout and SP button
  • Cooperative play via Bluetooth

13. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic

What’s more 90s than Sonic the Hedgehog?  This classic game is one of the most iconic and best-selling games from SEGA.

Enjoy the adventure of Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails to defeat the old tricks of Dr. Eggman. Relieve the Sonic mania that dominated your childhood.


  • 12 Badnik-infested zones
  • Compete with other players online
  • Secret Hidden Palace Zone stage available
  • Time Attack mode and all-new Boss Attack mode

Bonus- Wireless Game Controller for Android

Wireless Game Controller for Android

Get this BEBONCOOL Wireless Game Controller if you want to enjoy the old feel of playing with joysticks and traditional arcade controls. It makes your gaming experience more fun and convenient.

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How do you play retro arcade games?

The best way to play retro arcade games on Android is to download a remastered version of the arcade game from the Google play store, like the ones we have mentioned above. If you cannot find your desired arcade game on the Google Play Store, there is another option to download a suitable emulator. You can then play your desired retro arcade game using the emulator.

Are emulators illegal?

Gaming Emulators are perfectly legal for private use. However the games themselves that are run on these emulators are copyright protected, hence sharing them or pirating them is an offense under the law.

Don’t Let Go of the Retro

Years may have passed since the golden age of classic arcade games. But time will not mellow our fondness towards these retro favorites. Might as well check these other classic games ported to Android.

Ultimately, defining a good classic arcade game will vary from each person’s perspective. Each of us may have a different recommendation of good classic arcade games but all of them have one thing in common and that’s memories. They were once what shaped our generation and what made our childhood fun and unforgettable. Playing these games can make us feel like a child again, even just for a moment.

Let us know what you think of this list of best classic arcade games for Android. We hope you’ll enjoy playing these good old classics. Feel free to share your personal favorite arcade games and write your thoughts in the comments below.

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