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10+ Best Methods to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 0 Runtime Error


Are you encountering Minecraft Exit Code 0 error? Want to fix the Exit Code 0 error in Minecraft? The article contains complete information about the Exit Code 0 error along with its solutions.

Minecraft is a popular video game. Creating and breaking bricks in Minecraft is popular among children. There are two modes in the game- survival, and creativity. The game was released in the year 2013 and has been popular since then. However, a few users of Minecraft have been reporting Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error after the new update of version 1.18.

There are many solutions stated on the Internet for the same. Most of them are ineffective. Hence to help you out we have done in-depth research and listed some of the best methods that help to fix these code 0 errors in Minecraft.

How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error Runtime
Fix Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error Runtime – 10+ Best Methods

When Minecraft Exit code 0 error pop appears on the screen you must be wondering behind the cause of it. Let’s see what exactly it means.

What is Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error?

The error occurs when you are in the game and suddenly the game crashes and this popup of exit code 0 error occurs. You are automatically out of the game and redirected to the home screen of the Minecraft game. The error has been seen frequently in recent times. The reason behind it can be many. There is no such particular reason for the exit code error occurence.

What is Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error
What is Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error

Reasons For The Occurrence Of Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error: –

There can be the following reasons behind the cause of Minecraft exit code 0 error. You must know the reason to decide on the fix. Without further ado let us have a look at all the reasons:

  1. Outdated GPU Drivers
  2. Clashing Program Files
  3. Java JRE Environment
  4. Incompatible Mods
  5. Conflicting OS Files
  6. Corrupt Files
  7. Nvidia Experience Clashing

Let’s see each reason in detail and how it conflicts with Minecraft and we get the exit code 0 error in the game.

1) Outdated GPU Drivers

A lot of people use specific and individualized GPUs for gaming. An outdated GPU has been found as the main culprit behind the Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error and to fix it, you will have to update the GPU most of the time.

2) Clashing Program Files

Many files and softwares may have conflicting issues with Minecraft. These clashing files will prohibit Minecraft from working. When you install clashing files, they often block the working of Minecraft. Hence to run your game correctly, you will have to avoid installing such software.

3) Java JRE Environment

The Java JDK environment is said to be crucial for the smooth running of Minecraft. It must be noted that if you are using the modified version of Minecraft then the Java JRE environment needed to be installed. If it is missing you will be facing the Minecraft exit code error.

4) Incompatible Mods

The error can also be a result of clashing incompatible mods installed on your device. A lot of people install clashing mods on their system and fight against each other to work. This hampers the functioning of Minecraft. Hence, avoid installing clashing and incompatible Minecraft mods.

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5) Conflicting OS Files

There are modified files that can be incompatible with your operating system. If you try and install any mode that was created before the year 2014, it will hamper the functioning of Minecraft.

6) Corrupt Files

Corrupt files are the ones that get installed on your device and damage it. To view, such files run an antivirus test on your device. There are fixes available for these corrupt files that we will be talking about in the next section.

7) Nvidia Experience Clashing

A lot of people use the Nvidia experience on their system. It is found that the Nvidia experience may not be compatible with certain modified files of Minecraft. It might block the Minecraft game to run correctly.

How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error – 10+ Best Methods

Now that you know what all can cause the Minecraft Exit code 0 error, let’s have a look at the solutions available for them. Following are the best methods that can help you to fix the Minecraft exit code 0 error in your device: –

  1. Reinstalling Minecraft
  2. To Shut the Conflicting Files
  3. Updating GPU Drivers
  4. Eliminate Incompatible Mods
  5. Execute Clean Boot
  6. Closing Nvidia Experience
  7. Checking Compatibility
  8. Forge Mod Loader File Removal
  9. Config Folder File Deletion
  10. Downloading the Latest Version of Java JRE

These are some methods that can help you to fix Minecraft errors. Let’s see each method in detail.

1) Reinstalling Minecraft

At times there are correct files that might have damaged your Minecraft. These files are hidden and you cannot easily identify them on the device. Try to relaunch Minecraft in these situations. However, if it doesn’t work you have to uninstall and then reinstall Minecraft on your device.

Here are the steps to guide you through the reinstalling Minecraft game process:

1) Open the Run dialog box by pressing on the Windows+R key. In the command bar, type %appdata%. Press enter once you are done. Go to the folder named saved and look for Minecraft.

2) Cut the Minecraft folder by pressing the CTRL + X key and save it somewhere in your folder directory so in the future you can get all your Minecraft data after reinstalling.

3) Once you are done with it, head to your Control Panel and uninstall the Minecraft game from there. Now finally go to the official website of Minecraft and download it again. Run the installer and you will be able to install the latest version of the Minecraft game on your PC.

4) Once you are done with the installation process, just put the Minecraft folder you cut in the Step 2 process back into the %appdata% directory.

2) To Shut The Conflicting Files

It is advisable that before starting to play the Minecraft game, all you need to do is to close any of the files that may be conflicting with it running in the background.

Some of the applications like AVG Antivirus, Bitdefender, and ByteFence are the ones that will be conflicting with Minecraft. Ensure that if you have them installed on your device, close them before opening Minecraft and this will fix the Minecraft Exit code 0 error.

3) Updating GPU Drivers

Outdated GPU drivers can create an issue while playing Minecraft or any other game. Fixing this issue is very easy. All you need to do is to update your GPU drivers by using the traditional method or by using any driver updater tools.

Follow the steps given below to update GPU drivers using the traditional method: –

1) Press the Windows + R key and a run dialog box will appear on the screen. In the command box, type “devmgmt.msc” and hit enter key once. The device manager will open up on the screen. Navigate to the display adaptors tab and click on it to expand it.

2) This section will show the Display Adapter installed on your system. Right-click on the display driver and click on the Update command.

3) The system will ask you if you want the display driver to be updated automatically by downloading it from the Internet. Click on the yes button or you can manually install any version of the display driver but make sure you are installing the latest compatible display drivers.

4) This will save your time and will automatically update any of the outdated display drivers. You can follow up the same process with other drivers too.

Keep in mind that the graphic card model must also be of the latest version. Once the GPU drivers are updated, restart your system and open Minecraft and you will find that the error code will not appear again if the issue was due to GPU drivers.

4) Eliminate Incompatible Mods

When you use the most that may not be compatible with Minecraft it will be the reason for the error. To fix the Minecraft Exit code 0 error you have to remove any of the modes that will be competitive with Minecraft and hence hampering its functioning.

To check if your mod is compatible with Minecraft all you need to do is to go to the Minecraft log and it will automatically show you the more that is responsible for any error.

To remove these mods follow the steps given below:

1) Press Windows + R together to open the run dialog box. Once it appears type the %appdata% and press enter. Navigate to the Minecraft folder in the same.

2) Locate and go to the logs folder in Minecraft. There will be a Notepad file called latest in the logs. In this file first Press control + F to open the Find dialog box.

3) Type Exit code 0 and press enter. All the data will be available on the screen and you have to look out for the modes that will be creating errors. As soon as you look at them remove the conflicting ones from your device and reboot your system.

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5) Execute Clean Boot

When you cannot detect any other cause for the occurrence of the Minecraft Exit code 0 error, there are chances that there is a software conflict. To rectify the issue it is advisable to execute a clean boot on your device.

Executing a clean boot will help you to detect the issue behind the occurrence of the error. Performing a clean boot is very easy to follow the steps given below:

1) Press the Windows key + R to open the run dialog box. Type msconfig in the given space and the system configuration will open up.

2) You will find services related at the top of a bar and make sure to hide all Microsoft services to save yourself from unnecessary files.

3) Once you complete the steps above click on disable all. At the top bar, you will find the startup tab click on it and kindly open the task manager.

4) Once the task manager opens, disable all the third-party startup services from functioning. Once you have completed the above step you need to reboot your computer. After rebooting you will need to relaunch your Minecraft application on the PC.

6) Closing Nvidia Experience

A lot of Gamers have been using Nvidia as the GPU. It has been used by a lot of games as it enhances the gaming experience. Minecraft will not work with the GPU of Nvidia. The GPU will conflict with the working of Minecraft.

To rectify the issue you need to close or delete the Nvidia GPU world Minecraft is running to ensure smooth gameplay and fix the Minecraft Exit code 0 error. Just close the Nvidia icon from the taskbar at the bottom section.

7) Checking Compatibility

There might be some versions of Windows that may not be compatible with Minecraft and hence Minecraft Exit code 0 error appears.

Minecraft error may occur if you are using Windows 10 and the version of Minecraft is not compatible with it hence you view the error. We need to check on the compatibility of the same to find the best solution. We have given below to check on the compatibility:

1) Go to the Minecraft icon and right-click on it. Locate properties and open them. Where you will find the compatibility tab click on it. Below this tab, you’ll find a box that says Run with compatibility.

2) Below you will find the name of the windows you are using a click on it and a drop-down menu appears which shows all the windows that are compatible with Minecraft. You need to select Windows 8 or Vista from the list. After completing all the steps click ok and apply.

8) Forge Mod Loader File Removal

The force mod is a file that will enable you to download all the mods that you need for Minecraft. However, it uses AV software and hence is not compatible to work with Minecraft.

When you see the Minecraft Exit code 0 error and you do not find any of the relevant causes you can try to delete the FML software from your device. It can fix the error. Follow the steps given below to remove FML:

1) Press Windows + R key to open the run dialog box. In the space given type %appdata%. Press enter.

2) The app data folder will open up. Locate Minecraft in the given folder. Once found click open it. There you will find the configuration folder. Here in this folder, you will find the FML file delete it.

9) Config Folder File Deletion

Temporary files are downloaded and your system can create issues like Minecraft Exit code 0 error. In the Minecraft configuration folder, you will find all kinds of temporary files.

If you do not follow the process file corruption will become frequent in this folder. You will need to delete this folder regularly. Follow the steps given below to get all files at once:

1) Press Windows key + key to open up the Run dialog box. In the space given type %appdata%. Press enter.

2) Navigate to the Minecraft folder in the app data. Locate and right-click on the configuration folder. A drop-down menu appears, click on delete all files.

10) Downloading the Latest Version of Java JRE

While using Minecraft mods will smoothen the functioning of the application. While any other version of Java would have worked with Minecraft vanilla, for Minecraft mods you need to download the Java JRE.

Without Java JRE you may face the Minecraft Exit code 0 error. Given below are the steps to download the Java JRE:

1) First, you will need to visit the Oracle official website. Here on this website, you need to download the jre8 version that will be suitable for the type of Windows you use on your PC. You will be asked to create an account with a simple process, follow the steps and you’ll be done.

2) After clicking on download the JRE will take a few minutes to install on your system. Once it is installed press the Windows + R key together to open the run dialog box.

3) In the space given type ‘control’. It will prompt the system to open the control panel. Go to security. Inside system and security navigate to the system. In the system locate and open up advanced settings.

4) In the advanced settings, click on environmental variables and next click on Path. Once done press edit. Copy the Java JRE8 folder downloaded online system. Go to the edit and click on you and paste the location of the file copied.

Here is a video showcasing a step-by-step guide about how you can fix Minecraft exit code errors: –

Fix Minecraft Exit Code 0 Error Runtime

Fix Minecraft Code 0 Error – Related FAQ

While going through the issue, there are a few generally asked questions. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Minecraft Code 0 Error. We have filtered the most asked questions and the answers to them are below:

How to Fix Exit Code 0 in Minecraft?

Minecraft exit code 0 error would easily be fixed by implementing processes like closing conflicting files, removing Minecraft mods, performing a clean boot, system corruption, reinstalling Minecraft, and updating JRE and graphics drivers.

What Does Minecraft Exit Code 0 Mean?

A Minecraft Exit code 0 error comes up while you’re playing the game and suddenly you see a pop up saying that you have exited the game and a Minecraft Exit code 0 error has occurred. The reason behind the same can be many as mentioned above in the article.

Why is Minecraft Keep Crashing?

The reason behind crashing Minecraft can be many. The most common reasons behind the crashing of Minecraft are corrupt files, bugs, mods, outdated graphics, and JRE. Other reasons can be the incompatibility of mods, etc. One of the easiest and fastest ways to check up on the fixes is to restart your system. There are other fixes available. We have mentioned them in the article.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft exit code 0 is one of the common errors encountered by users in the past. It’s too easy to fix the exit code 0 error in Minecraft with the above-mentioned solutions.

If however the issue does not get solved for you then you can comment it out. We will try to fix it by assisting you throughout the way. Feel free to share the article with your other Minecraft friends who are dealing with errors in the game.


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