April 22, 2024


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YoVille Strategy For Beginners

The game YoVille has gained profound success in the Facebook world. The game mimics real life and uses virtual currency to purchase a home, furniture, etc,. And of course it involves silly tasks and games that are required to earn your coveted coins. In YoVille the possibilities are endless as long as you have earned enough coins, and it doesn’t hurt to have a YoVille strategy. Many of these social networking games can be a little monotonous during the beginning levels, until you earn some significant currency. However, in YoVille there is tons to do to keep you busy right from the start. So, here is an introduction to some of the more entertaining aspects of the game that you have access to from the start and that will become key parts of your YoVille strategy.

1. Visiting Your Friends

As with all Facebook games, as soon as you login you will probably add yourself to your friends’ accounts, and them to yours. This is actually a very important part of your YoVille strategy. Your friends will play a significant role in how you play the game, as well as in your success. You need them, and they need you, so, visit their homes whenever you can. There are a variety of tasks you can complete for your friends, or you can just drop in for a look around. By using this YoVille Strategy you can make up to 400 coins a day, not to mention it’s fun!

2. Exploring the Town

YoVille has a massive amount of activities to take part in. A fun part of the game is taking some time to explore the town and see just what those activities are and how they will fit into your YoVille strategy. On your tour, you will find an abundance of places to shop, as well as a bunch of mini-games to play. These, and plenty of other amusing little things you can do are accessible to you when you level up your character. There are many parts to a good YoVille strategy, especially since there is so much to do, and its easy to miss some of it on your way. If you explore right away, you won’t miss out on any of the fun possibilities in this area or chances to progress in the game.

3. The Sweets Factory

Just like in real life, in YoVille you also have to make a living. In this game, you will work at the Sweets Factory every day to make a tidy profit. All your ingredients and anything else you might need to bake is available to your from the start, so you can go to the Sweets Factory and begin loading up the ovens as soon as you login without needing to level up. Keeping on top of your job is also a chief aspect of your YoVille strategy. You will find it necessary to put in a lot of time here cleaning ovens, and preparing new dishes which you will need to remember to remove from the oven before they burn, or there goes your profit!

Right from the start you have a tremendous amount of activities and choices in your game. These choices may be fun, but they are also part of your YoVille strategy. In the beginning, you can have a great deal of fun even with limited friends and coins. Part of what keeps the game fun for its players, however, is being successful at it, and progressing through the levels while acquiring the items you desire. For a winning YoVille strategy try to add more friends, and earn more coins along the way, and the more entertaining the game is likely to be. If you invest time into various parts of the game rather than just focusing on one, you will be capable of doing a lot more, and have many more options in the upper levels when you get there.