If you’re planning to upgrade your PC to one of Intel’s recently launched 10th generation “Comet Lake” processors, you’ll need to buy a new motherboard with the latest socket, LGA 1200. That makes it a more costly proposition than if Intel would have used the same socket as Coffee Lake. To help soften the blow, MSI is offering to line your Steam Wallet with up to $50 when upgrading from an eligible motherboard to one of its enthusiast Z490 boards.

MSI is calling this a “trade-in” offer (via Guru3D), but you don’t actually have to send in your old motherboard. A few images will suffice. Specifically, you need to provide a copy (or screenshot) of your invoice to prove you purchased a Z490 motherboard, and also take a photo of the new motherboard’s serial number sticker and a snapshot of the new and older motherboard side-by-side. Registration is required as well.

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