Borderlands 3 may have been one of the first major games designed with Twitch integration placed front-and-centre. The ECHOcast extension, which was developed alongside the game, allows Twitch streamers and their audiences to mutually benefit from playing and/or watching the game on stream: with viewers able to directly interact with some aspects of a streamer’s game, as well as potentially gaining rewards that they can redeem for use in their own playthroughs of Borderlands 3.

Now it’s been announced that, with a new ECHOcast update coming on March 26, there will be a new way for audiences to help out their favourite Borderlands 3 streamers in-game: Moxxtails Events. While Twitch already allows audiences to leave monetary tips for streamers in the form of Twitch Bits, Borderlands 3 is trying out a new concept: letting audience donations contribute towards in-game buffs.

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