Microids’ and PlayMagic’s remake of XIII has a launch date, possibly, thanks to an accidental listing on Amazon Spain.

The game, which is intended as a faithful remake of Ubisoft’s 2003 adaptation of the Belgian comic series, will launch on November 10 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch, according to the leak. That’s almost a full year later than its previously targeted date of November 13, 2019, with the delay to ensure it reached “the quality and polish level [they were] aiming for”.

The date was accidentally leaked on the game’s listing on Amazon Spain (and spotted by Gematsu), which includes a now-deleted image outlining what is included in the limited edition of the game. As well as the game itself, it will include a metal case, art cards, and the ‘Golden XIII weapons’ skin pack. 

(Image credit: Microid, PlayMagic)

Interestingly, the image also lists PC as a platform for this physical limited edition, which is a rarity in these times of digital distribution. That may simply be an error, but it’s nice to have some hope of physical PC releases still being a thing.

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