April 13, 2024


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Why Mobile Gaming Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In The United States

Mobile gaming is one of the most active industries in the US and worldwide. Gamers are now moving over to smaller screens to play their games, and many experts believe this migration is due to the advancement of smartphones, tablets, and iPads.

Others presume the massive growth is because gaming industries chose to change the tide of things themselves. Regardless of the theory behind this preference for playing games video games and even casino games on smaller screens, the fact is that many gamers in the United States are now open to this method of gaming.

We’d agree that there are a lot of perks associated with mobile gaming, and this discovery may be the reason for its increasing popularity in the states. However, as with other innovations, despite the widespread acceptance of this game mode, not everyone has embraced it. Many gamers believe it won’t give them the immersive experience they crave, and a few casino sites are yet to adopt the new development. For casino players who have a thing for mobile gaming, you can check a list of mobile casinos for players in the US to access using your smartphones and other devices.

5 Reasons Mobile Gaming Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In The US

Here are a few things you might want to know about the mobile gaming industry and why it’s experiencing huge growth and popularity.

1. Larger Player Base

The mobile gaming industry is massive because more people own smartphones than other gadgets in the US. As of February 2021, more than 85% of US residents owned an Android or iPhone device.

Also, with mobile game marketplaces like Google Play Store and Apple App Store — which have several billions of users monthly showcasing the different mobile games, there’s a higher chance of users downloading and playing any of these games. In addition, the mobile versions of some games like PUBG and COD Mobile have accumulated huge fan bases quickly compared to their desktop versions.

Generally, smartphones have made it easier for individuals who don’t have PCs and game consoles to turn to the mobile versions of the games and still enjoy the same amount of fun. 

2. Wide Range of Games

As mentioned earlier, Google Play Store and Apple App Store are two of the world’s largest app marketplaces. Each of these stores provides its users with thousands of games of different genres — from strategy to action, arcade, puzzle, and lots more.

Laptops and desktop computers don’t provide this huge number of apps and games. Therefore, it’s much easier to see more types of games — both free and paid-for — in Android or iOS markets than in Windows, Linux, and MAC-OS versions.

3. Convenience

Another reason for the increasing popularity of mobile games is the ease of access every mobile phone provides. With your smartphone, you can easily play any game you want. This is especially best when you’re bored and have nothing to do.

Some mobile games require an internet connection, whereas others don’t. In addition, rather than having to set up a gaming console and a TV screen, you only need to hold your smartphone in your grip and play.

4. Affordability

There are two renowned gaming console brands, PlayStation and Xbox, with impressive features and accessories. However, the main challenge game lovers face among these two gaming console companies is that their products are quite expensive to an average gamer. The more recent versions of the PlayStation and Xbox are just a little less than $900, which is quite high for some folks.

On the other hand, about 75% of individuals worldwide have internet connections and smartphones. This makes it much easier for gamers to access their favorite games — but in the mobile versions, and play till they’ve had their fill of fun.

Rather than purchasing the Xbox or PlayStation, many Americans would prefer playing the games on their smartphones — at least for now. It cuts costs, shortens the procedures for setup, and provides an almost equal gaming experience.

Furthermore, most desktop games are paid for, while all Xbox and PlayStation games are bought. However, on smartphones, you have access to both free and premium games to choose from. Also, if a game you want to play is premium and must be paid for, you can easily download an alternative on the Google Play Store app.

5. Mobile Phones Have Evolved 

Another notable reason mobile gaming is experiencing impressive growth worldwide is the improvements in Android and iPhone devices. Now, newer smartphones come with advanced graphical process units, RAMs, and storage; and in contrast to consoles, they are more affordable. 

Smartphone providers are quite observant of the trending growth in the mobile gaming industry, and some have even deployed more upgraded digital phones. These phones are built to carry out processor-intensive activities like high-end gaming, FPS games, and others.

6. More Gaming Provides More Socialization

One thing you’d realize when gaming alone for too long is that it can easily get boring, as is the case of gaming with consoles. Gamers usually don’t play for more than two hours when they’re playing alone. 

But, mobile gaming allows you to socialize with other gamers. With social media platforms like Discord now available, your gaming experience can transit to an entirely new level.


Mobile gaming stands out in terms of convenience, cost-effectiveness, wider gaming range, and increased socialization. This explains why it is more popular with gamers in the United States now, and we believe the widespread acceptance will continue.

With the entrant of the Pandemic in 2020, the mobile gaming industry experienced a huge leap in user base as millions of gamers transitioned to playing games on their smartphones, and they are yet to look back ever since. If you’re not sure what kind of game to download and play, you can visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search based on the category of games you prefer.