June 15, 2024


Feel everything

Why are there no crypto mobile games?

Er… not very well. Sure, crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance and Crypto​.com are easy to use on phones, as are crypto wallets. But Metaverses like Decentraland? You’ll have to log on the good ol’ fashioned way to access them.

In general, there’s not many dApps (decentralised applications) yet. Decentralised apps aren’t as complicated as they might sound. They’re just the apps you already have on your phone – from social media to banking – but made using blockchain technology and are therefore decentralised, offering the security and anonymity perks that blockchain fans love. Turning games into mobile dApps is tricky, but it will happen eventually.

As Axie Infinity is the most played play-to-earn, it’s constantly trying to attract new players and has actually managed to create a mobile version of sorts, but you won’t find it via the App Store. Instead, you have to download TestFlight in iOS, which will allow you to use Beta apps (in order to test” them), which is where most mobile dApps are at right now. From there, you have to visit Axie Infinity’s website, download it and then apply to be a tester” for the app. If approved, you can use the mobile version, but it’s still in development. There’s a similar process for android.

Cryptokitties is another popular dApp on desktop, in which you buy and breed kittens, and sell or rent them to people to earn passive income. That’s also making its way to mobiles, with HTC, manufacturer of phones and other techy things, bringing the game to Android.

But another downside of mobile crypto games is that you’ll have the hassle of installing a special crypto wallet and exchanging your crypto of choice for a specific cryptocoin or token to use on that specific game – which is even more of a headache than that sentence was to read.