Half-Life: Alyx is excellent, by all reports, but it’s also VR-only, which means that a lot of Half-Life fans won’t be able to actually play it. Unless, that is, someone figures out how to make it work with standard mouse-and-keyboard setups, like a conventional FPS. It would be a different sort of experience under those conditions—you would not, for instance, be able to make headcrabs kiss—but it would at least open the doors to everyone who wanted to experience Alyx’s new adventures first-hand.

Yesterday, Valve’s Robin Walker said he’s “looking forward” to mods that remove the VR requirement, and while it may have seemed like kind of a distant prospect at the time, it might not feel so far off now. In the clip above, taken from a datamining livestream that’s still underway, Valve News Network founder Tyler McVicker can be seen moving around in Alyx freely, and without having a VR headset strapped to his eyeballs. It’s janky, but it works, and his viewers appear suitably impressed. They seem to get really excited a few seconds later, though, when he uses the console command “vr_enable_fake_vr_test,” at which point Alyx’s hands pop up—again, without the benefit of any VR kit.

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