(Image credit: Crea-ture Studios / YouTuber JAHDexe)

Nosesliding the edge of a textbook with a tiny skateboard while ignoring a teacher was common practice during the skateboarding boom of the ’00s. You might remember Tech Decks, skateboards for fingers and for total dorks like myself. You might also know Session, the most complex and satisfying skateboarding sim out there. Here’s a beautiful, terrifying mod that brings ’em together. 

Redgoufs’ Fingerboard character mod for Session might look like something from a nightmare, but for a specific demographic, it’s a dream come true. It replaces the usual human skateboard pilot with an entire goddamn arm, replete with detailed textures and fingers perfectly poised. The arm fades into the sky to ease the horror of the thing, but watching a hand bend and twist and crumple like a fleshy glove stretched over a human skeleton—I love it! It’s also very gross!

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