A new Warzone hack works like an unlimited UAV and reveals every single player on the map’s location to cheaters using it.

Warzone is all about positioning. Having a powerful location on the map is integral to getting a win in both Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

However, good positioning isn’t enough to beat cheaters, as many know exactly where you are. Not only are wallhacks ruining Warzone right now, but now a new UAV hack reveals the location of players to cheaters.

Warzone Unlimited UAV Hack

Warzone cheating has got “worse and worse” over the last few weeks. Players can even download Warzone cheats on console now.

However, yet another new Warzone hack is available, and it lets cheaters know exactly where all of the other players are, like a UAV. This information comes courtesy of dataminer Call of Duty Hope on Twitter, who said:

“There’s a new tool in Warzone I’ve been made aware of that lets you see people anywhere on the map even if they have ghost and it constantly pings like a UAV…”


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This new Warzone hack basically works as a UAV and, therefore, is extremely powerful to have all of the time. UAVs only usually have a radius of 250m, yet this cheat reveals where every player on the map is, more like an advanced UAV.

Activision has said it is investing more resources into Warzone anti-cheat, yet there has been no sign of it yet. Let’s hope that the anti-cheat does come soon to stop Warzone hacks like this UAV-style one, as well as aimbot and wallhacks.

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In addition to the UAV hack, Warzone has got a load more new problems. A new Warzone glitch lets players jump into the Gulag and kill fighters.

Meanwhile, a double riot shield bug is making Warzone players invincible. This is possibly the most frustrating glitch yet.

Finally, NICKMERCS has revealed why Warzone’s old map was better than Verdansk ’84. A controversial opinion, but he has a point.