As pointed out on the subreddit, one of Valorant’s premium skins removes the black field around sniper scopes, giving its users a big advantage. Riot quickly confirmed that, no, this is not an intentional, ‘premium’ bonus—just your standard bug.

 “This is a bug which will be fixed in an upcoming patch, sorry about that!” Riot developer Fancypmgee—quality assurance manager Nathan Tiras, according to Kotaku UKexplained. “Competitive integrity is really important, and we test to make sure that we aren’t selling power with our cosmetic content. Sorry this one escape[d] :(“

In a followup post, Riot developer Nickwu added that the bug “only happens when material quality is set to LOW.”

This is what it’s supposed to look like. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Valorant players have also taken issue with the cost of the Prism skin pack, which isn’t bugged but is extremely high. The pack goes for 6,375 Valorant Points, which will cost you $70 in real-world money to purchase—$50 for a bundle of 5,350 VP, and then another $20 for a bundle of 2,050 VP. I know CS:GO skins can get up there pretty high, but that seems awfully steep for a game that’s still in very limited closed beta.

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