July 20, 2024


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The UNDECEMEBR is an Action RPG sport and players can be a part of with other gamers to defeat the monsters and bosses. In UNDECEMBER, you can also social gathering up with other gamers and go on a raid to eliminate the Monster Bosses.

In this tutorial, we’ll notify you how Raid is effective in UNDECEMBER.

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Raid is the boss battle that can be finished with up to 8 gamers. All gamers will sign up for in a foyer and they will be despatched to defeat the monster manager. Raid can only be accessed by the Recruit Board and there are a few distinctive Raids in which gamers can be part of.

  • Ochogneel
    • Ochogneel monster raid involves a Degree 30 and it is a Fire Component Monster.
  • Carovan
    • Carovan monster raid involves a Degree 50 and it is a Cold Element Monster.
  • Sicus
    • Sicus monster raid requires a Level 70 and it is a Poison Component Monster.

It is required for the players to be on or above the necessary amount for the Monster Raid normally, they wouldn’t be capable to join the queue for the raid. You will enter in the get together of 8 people and then you will be taken to a location where you can get merchandise before going into the arena portal. There is also a limit to Raids. Players who have completed the raid, are not permitted to enter any raid for a week on the other hand, the gamers who failed in the raid get to re-queue in the raid if they want.

As soon as you are in the Waiting Area, you can invest in the objects from the Vendor and can even use the skills to heat up ahead of the combat. When all the players are entered the Waiting around Space, an Arena Portal will be opened, and going into the Portal will get started the come upon with the Monster. If you die for the duration of the raid, you are going to get the option to Spectate or Go away Bash. If you decide on the Depart Party though the raid is nevertheless in progress, a penalty will be applied to you which will not allow you be part of the raid for 5 minutes when you get started the queue. If the gamers are locating the raid tough then 1 of the players can commence a Give up Raid vote right after 1 moment of the raid. If all the players agreed to quit the raid, then all of them will give up the raid and no a person will be penalized.


Each Monster drops several things when they are defeated and every single party member will get the benefits that the monster drops. Runestone Selection Upper body is a confirmed fall from the monster when it is defeated.

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