Have you ever just barely lost a ranked match of Rainbow Six Siege and wondered why you lost more MMR than your last win? Unfortunately you won’t find any fine details into Siege’s ranking process in the game itself, but a new post by Ubisoft is a useful guide to understand how the game tracks your skill over time.

The new post is actually an updated version of a similar guide from 2016 that accounts for features added to the game in the last four years, like MMR rollback and the Unranked playlist. The most relevant info, I think, is the explanation of what factors actually determined your MMR score. For instance, did you know that individual performance doesn’t matter at all? Even if you play an amazing match with 18 kills and two deaths, Siege’s algorithms don’t care.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Not weighing your personal effect on a match sounds backwards, but Ubi says the system considers the incalculable factors that have a huge impact on Siege matches, like a teammate who has few kills but makes amazing, life-saving callouts. “The idea is that if you play well, and are an asset to your team, you will naturally win more matches in the long run,” the post reads. Basically, Ubisoft assigns equal weight to the intangibles of Siege—stuff like vision, planning, and communication—and to how good you are at shooting.

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