We checked out Fae Tactics in June at the PC Gaming Show, where developer Endlessfluff Games showcased the “menuless” strategy game about a young magic user named Peony who casts spells, summons allies, and makes friends (and probably a few enemies) as she roams a world devastated by a magical calamity. The studio said at the time that the game would be out sometime this summer, and today it nailed the release down to July 31.

Fae Tactics is a turn-based tactics RPG that pays homage to games like Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Steam listing hints at a little bit of a Pokemon vibe too, saying players will “battle all kinds of Fae creatures and collect them into your team” along their adventures. You’ll also learn and wield powerful magical spells in combat and “manage the magical elements of your party” to counter the powers of your enemies.

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