The Council is a narrative adventure game about a secret meetup between historical figures from the 18th century on a private island off the coast of England. Guests include Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, various other aristocrats and potentates, and you. You’re actually not entirely out of place: Your mother is the powerful founder of the mystic secret society known as the Golden Order. She was attending the meeting as well, but she’s missing—and so you’ve arrived to search for her, while navigating countless intertwining narratives and intrigues.

It’s a bit like Telltale’s adventure games, as your progression is largely based on choices made during interactions with NPCs. But the chit-chat is deepened by the game’s skill system, which opens up unique conversation trees and also special abilities. Focusing on diplomatic skills might enable you to make friends and influence people more easily, for instance, but a detective skillset can reveal items that others would miss, possibly opening the door to knowledge and secrets that would otherwise go overlooked.

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