April 23, 2024


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Triangle Strategy Has Released On Nintendo Switch

Your Convictions Will Be Tested

Square Enix has pumping out a lot of titles onto the Nintendo Switch both in terms of ports, and original titles. This especially goes for the RPG games they’re known for as they’ve had teams bring exclusives like Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default II. But now, the next potentially great RPG from them has arrived on Switch in the form of Triangle Strategy.

The game puts you in role of Serenoa Wolffort, a young prince who soon finds his kingdom ravaged by war, his friends lands overtaken by treachery, and all at the hands of the family of his betrothed. Now, he must set out on a quest to save the land and rid it of the tyrants that would see it all burn. But how you go about this very task is up to you, and as you go and play, your convictions will be tested.

And we don’t say this lightly, the key mechanic of the game is not just its Final Fantasy Tactics-style gameplay that you can have a lot of fun and strategy using. But rather, it’s the Scales of Conviction. Throughout the game you’ll have key choices to make that will drastically affect not just the story, but the characters in your party. If you choose a path they cannot follow, they’ll leave you, or even betray you.

Other choices will determine whether you’ll have key allies in the fight to save your lands, but the cost of getting those allies might just be too high for you to handle.

This game is one that will have a lot of replayability, as you’ll want to see where the other paths take you, and what the consequences of your actions will be.

So get your Nintendo Switch and see where your path will be as you play Triangle Strategy!

Source: Nintendo