Torchlight 3, the action-RPG formerly known as Torchlight Frontiers, is currently in closed alpha testing and slated to go live later this year. When it does, one of the new classes it will feature will be the Sharpshooter, revealed today as a long-range class that uses bows and guns to take out enemies from long range, backed by magical trinkets and a casual disregard for the rules.

Which rules, exactly? That’s not really clear. Honorable single combat, maybe. The Sharpshooter definitely seems less interested in mano a mano throwdowns than in getting the job done without mussing the hair, which is an approach I can respect. Interestingly, pistols and rifles will be available to all classes in Torchlight 3, but only the Sharpshooter will have access to the bow. Anyone can pull a trigger, after all, but it takes true expertise to properly use a bow.

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