Torchlight 2 is an old-school action-RPG developed by Runic Games in which players take on one of four unique character classes and set off in pursuit of the Alchemist, who has destroyed the town of Torchlight. Like the original Torchlight, it features randomly-generated dungeons, but also has overland areas with multiple town hubs, a day/night cycle, weather effects, and a larger campaign.

It’s an older game compared to some of Epic’s other freebies, originally released in 2012, but also a very good one. “It’s a charming, sunshine-bright indie action-RPG with an old-school disregard for your time,” we said in our 88% review, way back when. “It’ll consume you with a smile, and you’ll be smiling, too.” And, for the next week, it’s also free for the taking on the Epic Games Store.

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