Attack on Titan is one of those rare anime Tv series that introduced millions of fans to Japanese animation. WIT Studio took charge for the first three seasons of anime, and similar to the manga, the Tv show surprised the community with several jaw-dropping events. There were several Attack on Titan episodes that broke all viewership records because of the animation, plot twists, and some of the best fight sequences.

Of course, fans starting with AoT certainly can’t miss even a single episode because there are no fillers in the show. However, if you want to rewatch some selected masterful episodes from the anime, here’s a list you might like.

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10. Declaration of War (Episode 64)

The first few episodes of Attack on Titan took us to Marley, introducing us to Falco, Gabi, and several other new characters. However, it was Episode 64 that gave us the first look at the grown-up Eren, who was living in the country as a war veteran.

We learn that Eren has been using Falco to communicate with his friends on Paradis Island. On top of that, Eren finally confronts Reiner for the crimes he committed against Eldians all those years back. Unexpectedly, Reiner gets down on his knees to accept his fate, but Eren wants to punish everyone on the island. So, after years of break, we finally see MAPPA’s version of Attack Titan, making it one of the best episodes of the series.

9. To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina (Episode 1)

It’s the episode that started it all with the destruction of Eren’s home. The episode introduces us to the legendary trio, who wished for nothing but to explore the world outside of the walls. However, the Colossal Titan’s arrival changed everything for Eren.

Shiganshina got overrun by the Titans, and no one inside the walls was brave or experienced enough to defeat the enemy. Eren had to see his mother getting eaten alive by a titan, and that particular incident made Eren what he is in Season 4.

8. That Day (Episode 57)

We learned very little about Titan’s history in the first two seasons. Well, Episode 57 of the series changes that by showing the entire journey of Grisha Yeager, Eren’s father. We see each moment from Grisha’s previous life that made him hate Marley. Apart from that, the episode reveals how Grisha tried to force his morals upon his first child, Zeke.

Interestingly, this was the first time we saw the world outside the walls. It was more devastating to witness Marley’s hatred towards the Eldians, specifically when a Marleyan soldier killed Grisha’s sister.

7. First Battle: The Struggle For Trost (Episode 5)

It was this episode that made fans realize that Attack on Titan is unlike any other show they’ve watched on the television. We all saw Eren training for days so he could defeat the Titans inside the walls. Finally, Eren gets that opportunity in the fifth episode, when Colossal Titan suddenly appears behind him.

Initially, most fans thought, “Oh! This is great. We’ll finally see Eren killing some Titans.” Well, after a few seconds, we see Eren getting eaten alive by a bearded Titan. Of course, that scene came as a massive shock for viewers who didn’t read the manga, making them realize that it’s better to throw their predictions out the window while watching Attack on Titan.

6. Savagery (Episode 73)

Levi Ackerman’s first fight with the Beast Titan is one of the best scenes in anime history. Well, we get the much-awaited second round of Levi and Zeke’s fight in Season 4. After the Beast Titan reveals his true intentions, Levi finds himself surrounded by several mindless Titans. Zeke uses this opportunity to escape from the forest so he can meet his half-brother, Eren.

At first, fans thought that this was the end of the road for Levi; however, Ackerman butchered every single Titan in front of him to stop Zeke. Honestly, it was really satisfying to see Zeke running away scared from an Eldian who can’t even transform into a Titan. Finally, we see Ackerman overwhelming the Beast Titan one more time, making “Savagery” one of the best Attack on Titan episodes.

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5. Perfect Game (Episode 53)

Erwin was already a beloved character, but his moving speech in “Perfect Game” made us love the commander of Survey Corps even more. It was the last episode where we saw Erwin fighting against the Titans. The commander motivated every living Scout member to move forward against the Beast Titan, even though everyone was aware of their dark fate.

Erwin basically went for a suicide mission, only to give Levi an opportunity to destroy Zeke. Eventually, an attack from the Beast Titan injures Erwin, and we bid farewell to one of the most interesting AoT characters.

4. Warrior (Episode 31)

After learning that Annie was the Female Titan, we knew that the Colossal and the Armored Titan were also within the walls. However, we never expected Reiner and Bertholdt to reveal their secret so calmly to Eren. The duo accepts that they are working against Eldians from the start, and this plot twist made “Warrior” the most shocking AoT episode of the season.

Eren’s incredible fight with Reiner made things even better for the viewers. Watching Attack Titan lock Reiner into submission made every fan scream at their television out of excitement.

3. Scream (Episode 37)

The final episode of Season 2 featured Eren and allies surrounded by countless Titans. On top of that, Reiner and Bertholdt were after Eren, who couldn’t turn into Attack Titan to help out his friends. So, we knew that some characters might meet their end in this episode.

After losing Hannes, Eren lost his will to fight, and at that point, fans were terrified for Mikasa and Eren. But fortunately, Eren gets up on his feet and reveals one of the many jaw-dropping abilities of the Attack Titan. Learning that Eren can control the mindless titans with his scream was a big revelation, finally explaining why Reiner and Bertholdt want to take Eren to Marley.

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2. Pain (Episode 39)

Levi’s fight with Kenny in Attack on Titan Season 3 made us fall in love with WIT Studio. It’s one of the most prolonged chase sequences in the Attack on Titan series, where we see Kenny and his team trying to take down Levi. The Scout Regiment Commander beautifully defeats each member of Kenny’s gang, and then he goes for the big guy.

The animation in this episode was top-notch, and the rooftop scenes had us on the edge of our seats. It’s safe to say that episodes like these made fans miss the good-old 2D animation in MAPPA’s Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1.

1. Hero (Episode 54)

Some fans might remember this as the episode where Armin makes the heroic sacrifice against Colossal Titan. However, for several fans, it was Levi’s fight with the Beast Titan that makes “Hero” unarguably the best episode in the entire Attack on Titan series. Initially, fans saw Zeke as the enemy who couldn’t be defeated by the Scout Regiment, but no one expected that a single soldier was capable of dominating this beast.

We see Zeke killing several lovable characters throughout the season, including Erwin. So, watching Levi humiliating the Beast Titan with his skills was incredibly satisfying.


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