Blizzard’s 17.4.1 Hearthstone patch arrives today, introducing several balance changes to Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode. This time around we’ll see adjustments to a few hero powers, and tweaks to three beastly minions. Demon Hunter also undergoes yet another nerf, as Twin Slice’s cost and attack have each been increased by one.

This patch follows the Trial by Felfire solo adventure, which unlocked yesterday. Constructed of five chapters, the adventure focuses on Elise Starseeker’s younger sister, Aranna, as she assembles a team to take on Mecha-Jaraxxus. When logging in you’ll notice a new quest that challenges you to finish chapter one in exchange for a Year of the Dragon, Ashes of Outland and Rise of Shadows pack. The entire adventure is available for free and continues to unlock as you defeat each opponent. Completing all five chapters only takes a couple of hours and awards the Rusted Legion card back. Prepare to laugh along with—or sigh—at the tireless rhyming dialogue between each fight.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Battlegrounds heroes Reno Jackson and Lord Jaraxxus will each have the cost of their hero powers lowered by one gold. Millificient Manastorm’s passive hero power now reads “Mechs in Bob’s Tavern have +1/+1”. Rounding off the hero changes, Maiev Shadowsong’s Dormant minions “no longer reduce the number of minions you see when refreshing Bob’s Tavern”. It’ll be interesting to see whether these buffs are enough to give each hero the boost they need, but so far these adjustments look very positive. 

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