July 20, 2024


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Tips to Beat Your Friends When Playing PlayStation Sing Star

Tips to Beat Your Friends When Playing PlayStation Sing Star

There are many ways by which you can beat your friends or your competitors at a game and when it comes to beating them at Play Station Sing Star then you sure got to beat them in royal style. There are ways in which you can defeat them at the game and it sure will be of great help.

Firstly you need to sing, I mean learn to sing. In fact every year a lot of contests have been held and youngsters enjoy winning prizes as they win nothing small but real huge stuff. This huge stuff that I am talking about is a PS3. Now I am sure everyone wants to win it. Well now since you want to beat your friends at the game, learn to sing for a start.

The next thing to do is master your modes. The play station Sing Star is really good only because it is different from the rest and it has a lot of modes that you first need to get familiar with.  Go for it, and learn it in and out. 

The play station Sing Star is made with a competitive mode, a multi-player mode and a single game play mode. Each of these modes has been made specially and should be mastered by whoever wants to be the best at this game. Once you get to know everything about this game and not knowing just this is enough but you need to master the game and the software too. 

Now comes the thing where you have mastered your modes, you have learnt to sing. The next thing is that you need to possess some charisma where you can be skilled and you inspire people and you inspire passion, awareness or love with others by the way you perform with the influential powers that you now possess. 

If you have this Charisma and you perform with elegance no one can beat you. Trust me just try it and you will see for yourself that it’s true. Is this enough, entire not as yet, you sure can beat your friends but wait there’s more for you.

Oops, you’re already a star but have you learned to master the catalog. Well this is another important factor you need to learn. The device contains a catalog which contains hundreds of songs which are to be downloaded which features real artist with accompanying videos, through an online Sing Store. 

You need to master the catalog and last but not the least you need to analyze all the key features and learn it well. There are at least ten of them which are all equally important. You get what you want and what you need to know all this and then no one can beat you. You are a superstar.