One of the most effective marketing strategies is by utilizing the power of influencer. You may have already seen loads of influencer ads in the feed page of your social media. They have significant power in influencing people in getting interested in your brand. Now, mastering the influencer marketing is something that requires effort and time. To make the most out of this approach, here are some of the best tips on executing it properly.

How to Manage Successful Influencer Marketing 

  • Define the goals

Some campaigns are conducted to raise brand awareness, some to broaden the brand’s new audience, while some other aim to boost sale or generate leads. You need to define your own campaign’s goals, both in the short and long term, in order to pick the best-suited influencer, plan the content, and determine the methods to monitor and measure the strategy’s success.


  • Specify the best possible influencer profile

It is obvious that credibility and following are important factors of an ideal influencer. However, you may need to consider beyond these two when finding the best matched influencer for your brand. Understanding that the influencer is going to be a part of your game is essential in terms of influencer marketing.


Build a checklist of qualifications to select the influencer in order to make as measured as possible decision in building partnership. Reach up the influencer as a partner, then provide run down of your campaign objectives, message, and timing to assure prime alignment. 


When trying to select the most suitable influencer, the branding message, goals, and tone should be the focus. Keep a note as well that sometimes, micro-influencer can be more of a fit for certain campaigns goals and the brand in general compared to those with high following numbers.

  • Determine the ROI metrics used

Prior to hire the influencer, it is important to determine what you or your team aims to achieve through the program. Similar to other marketing campaigns, you have to establish the metrics used to measure how well the campaign performs. For influencer marketing specifically, some common ones would be the amount of views, comments, likes, engagement rates, and other tools that can provide you insights into the matter.


After you have defined the goals and the metrics, make sure you communicate it with the selected influence to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and to make sure that the campaign remains on-brand. Also, performing assessment by using the metrics allows you to recognize what’s working and what’s not.


  • Allow space for creative freedom

Over intervening with the produced content may shift what meant to be influencer marketing into advertising marketing. Remember, no one knows their audience better than the influencers themselves. If you trust in your pick of influencer, they will understand your brand and put effort in generating engaging content. 


Permit the influencers to be creative with messaging, styles, etc. It is generally sufficient to provide the goals, messages, and presenting guidelines to the influencers to make them deliver them properly. Micromanaging only results in extremely polished image that may not reflect the personality and lifestyle of the influencer.

  • Manage the brand’s social media

Despite its effectiveness, there is certain limit of what can be done through influencer marketing campaign. In order to achieve the best result possible, accompany it with productive social media management as well. Maintaining active accounts and generating high-quality contents can help to impress the influencer too and affect their decision to agree with the partnership.

  • Provide exclusive offer and giveaways

Who doesn’t love to get free stuff? Conducting giveaways is a great tool in increasing brand awareness, attracting new audience, and gain traffic. These partnership types are also favored by influencers, because it can raise their followers’ engagement and influent. 


It is recommended to collaborate with the influencer to promote goods or services purchases as well. Exclusive offer is a win-win solution, because both sides may make the most out of the marketing campaign. This can be done by assigning an URL or special promo code to offer free gift or shipping with order.

  • Avoid desiring instant result

As emphasized in the prior point, to gain trusts and trusts by the followers of the selected influencer, it’s necessary to relate brand image and the influencer’s lifestyle. In this age where people have short attention or memory span, you won’t get much impact by suddenly and randomly appearing on the audience timeline.


Sure, launching innovative and memorable campaigns can make the audience engage in more effective way. However, building persevering relationship with the influencer helps to establish trust and consistency too. 

Great marketing strategy builds around many aspects, and influencer marketing can be one of them. It is suitable for a lot of sector and industry. Following the tips provided above may allow you to notice significant growth of your brand.